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1.10, and what it means for us
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Howdy folks, I have some news for us all. 

At this point, I haven't decided whether it's good or bad news, only time will tell. Recently, a pre-release for 1.10 has surfaced, which was a huge surprise to those that follow said updates. From what we can tell, the minecraft dev's have decided to change development tactics to that of the old days, and begin releasing smaller updates far more frequently. 
While this does mean we get new stuff to play with sooner, it also means the server and all of it's plugins will need to constantly be updated at a faster pace. 

Now as I said, I don't exactly know yet how this is going to impact us, but we need to start thinking ahead, and i'm going to leave this thread open for discussion. 

(One point I wanted to bring up is in regards to a new map; I was planning on introducing a new map when 1.10 was released, but I was expecting at least 6-8 months before that took place. )

Personally i feel sticking to waiting for plugins is the best option assuming that the world generator hasn't been changed and only new things plugged into it.

On the note of updates being closer together, while I can easily see this not always being ture but the time it takes for plguins to be updated "shouldn't" be as long as they have been. And hey, if we need a small filler, i'm sure we could dump in a quick map devoid of plugins with minimal rules attached, Smile

Just an idea, not sure if it's even a good one but eh, I'll throw it out there anyway. Might be in more detail of what cwp was proposing.

Perhaps while everything is up to date and the plugins work, we could continue to run the map we have now, including after each update (assuming the plugins have been updated, too) and while we're waiting for plugins to be updated, have the main map unloaded from the server and load up a new temp map with minimal/no rules, etc.

Easy solution, if they're going the "old way"... We'll follow suit. "Howdy folks! Minecraft is updated, but we're waiting for Spigot to update, so if you want to play keep your client on 1.9 for the time being!"


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I like that idea as well, just keep the server as-is even after a new update and wait to update the server until the neccesary plugins, etc. are back up to date.

Sorry if I'm just repeating what everyone says, but I figured I'd say my approval of it.


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