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AOE:2HD matches?
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So hey, why not have a match or two on Sunday a bit earlier than usual time. Say, 1pm AWST, 4pm EADT?

Would be nice to get a semi-decent turnout so if you can't make it by like an hour or so time-wise, I'll see what I can do with changing it round, Smile

Just a reminder that this is today in four hours! Smile

waiting for it Big Grin

lobby setup will begin in 30 or so mins

Ok folks, so here is how it's going to go down. We'll gather everyone in a lobby I'm currently hosting, one we have done that we'll get the player with the best net to host (I can host like two people games but not much more, as Boom can attest)

What we actually run is dependent on the number of people whom join up, whether it's just a a player vs ai or W/E.

Starting the first game now, if you still want to play, stick around and at the least I'll be playing a second

Yay for lack-luster turnouts! :/


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