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Poll: Should elytra be attainable, if so, how.
This poll is closed.
Add elytra to the dollarydoo store
1 33.33%
Add elytra to the ender dragon's loot table
2 66.67%
Don't add a way of getting elytra
0 0%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Adding a way of getting elytra
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What are you trying to change?
Make elytra attainable either via the dollarydoo shop or by adding them to the ender dragon's loot table.

What will it do for the server?
Give players who didn't happen to get an elytra during the short duration the end was unlooted or while people were trading them access to them.

Why should the change be made
Because players should be able to get elytra in some way, and with the end having a border that is impossible at the moment.

Elytra have been added to the admin store. Thread locked.

Thread Closed 

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