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Ahhhhh Life n' Stuff.
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Well basically I'm using this to announce a few things.

-- Firstly, I'm likely to be without internet for a week while we upgrade to a 'hopefully' better service. Could go down anywhere from now and come back hopefully next friday.

--Secondly, that crazy thing called real life it's catchin up on me, I start my studies this year, next week infact. So I won't be around quite as much. That is, I'll have classes (I actually have them at night but eh) 3 days a week and work the other three with no doubt some work that I'll be needing to do inbetween all this. Hopefully I will be able to keep my presence enough to still do fun stuff with you all.

If ye need to contact me about something for the next week or so, please do pm me instead of hoping I come online, ;P.

Kind Regards, Cuppeh.


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