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Announcement from the Skymages
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Had no idea what to call the thread, that will do. 

From the time of posting this, the Skymages revoke any threats of war, mainly towards those of the valekye, and any other individuals and factions. We are entering a time of intensive development and structuring, and we do not wish to be disturbed whilst doing so. The Skymage store will be closed, and any unauthorized access will be dealt with. 

Until further notice, the Skymages will be adopting a passport system similar to that implemented by the late UGSR. Those without Skymage citizenship will require a passport to enter our lands, which for those unsure, is the immediate area around and below our islands. 

For access to a passport, send me a PM or /mail in-game. 

Well that took an interesting 180 turn..... Just for clarification, does that mean the wars back on afterwards, or do you plan to find another target?



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