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AoE:2 HD game?
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Anyone up for a game this saturday, same time as we had the KTANE game. 3pm AWST, 6pm EADT

However unlike the KTANE game, this one will require you to let me know if you are coming, kinda need to figure out teams and dlc sets prior to the hosting is all. (This is not a, 'YOU MUST COME IF YOU'VE SAID YOU ARE', type thing, more a 'I'm down for that at the time given')

I'll probably bolster numbers with a few friends outside the community if we aren't looking to have enough Smile

I'l be willing, but no guarantees I'll be there. Also I won't have any kind of voice chat enabled. I believe I have all the DLCs for AoE:2 HD. Aren't they free, anyway?

You'd have the dlcs from the old pre-HD game. But they've made two NEW dlcs after they released the HD version. Not voice chat is fine tho, seeing as there is the ingame text chat

Alright, well I only have the new DLC's then.

Reminder that this is happening tomorrow.

I should most definitely be around. bug me on skype or steam if I don't show up.

Gonna open up the lobby in 10

welp just me and trise fought off a lone ai at medium diff. certainly took a while to overpower but we smashed 'em eventually

You did most of the work. By the time I shoved a group of soldier out, you had them mostly decimated.

Eh, the Magyars are an amazing civ. Those cav I was using only cost 80 food once you get a tech to remove their gold cost so it's easy to churn them out.


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