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Poll: Should Trise be Community Manager?
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Application for Community Manager
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What is your minecraft username?


How old are you?


How often do you play on the server?

Been on a hiatus for the last month or so, but aside from that I've been active for the last 1-2 years solid at least and have been an active member since 2010

Why should you become a staff member?

I wish to fill a necessary role in this community to ensure its smooth operation and continuance

Why do you want to become a staff member?

Because I love this place dearly, and I already am staff

Do you have any past experience with being a staff member?

Yes, I've held various roles over my time in this community including op, sop of the classic server, moderator and admin of survival among others

Tell us a little something about yourself, in 100 words or less. 

I like to think that I am a good mediator between disputes and helpful in whatever areas i can be, be that assisting new players in becoming familiar with the server, helping a member with a build or technical commands such as worldedit, schematics, etc; and occasionally constructing things useful, and otherwise, to the public such as roads or statuary

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