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Poll: Arberax for Moderator?
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Arberax's Moderator Application
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What is your Minecraft username?

How old are you?

How often do you play on the server?
Due to being enrolled as a full-time university student and working part-time I try to get on as much as I can in the week. However, to be concise, I like to get on for more than a few hours in a week. 

Why should you become a staff member?
In my eyes, a moderator on our server wears many different hats; by this, I mean that one has to be prepared and ready for any situation - whether that is to confront an issue in a respectable manner or to assist and help those that appear to be struggling. I believe that I have attained this quality over my extended years as a member of this community - these years of service have allowed me to become a well-respected player across the server.

Why do you want to become a staff member?
Across the years I have spent on the server I have seen many players come and go. I now feel mature enough to be able to assist and pitch in with the general maintenance of the server and its community, whether this is through assisting players both new and old or to enforce the rules of the server in situations where a modder is involved. As I had stated to a staff member previously, I am quite keen to put back into the server all of the dedication and effort that was shown to me through those that have held the Moderator position.
Do you have any past experience with being a staff member?
The highest rank I have attained in the server is the Trusted rank which I have had for quite some time. Although it is not an official staff rank, I feel that having been given this trust I have shown that I can act accordingly in any situation. 

Tell us a little something about yourself, in 100 words or less. 
I'm currently studying to become a History and English teacher at the University of Queensland. With that, I think it's evident that I really enjoy history as both a subject and a hobby. I have a great attitude to life regardless of what card I get dealt and I hope that this attitude leaves a lasting impression. Three younger brothers, two dogs and a goldfish are my pets. Did I mention I speak French?

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