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Arloallen recently broke into my house stealing my iron door and opened my chests. I'm pretty sure some stuff was stolen but it's hard to tell since I recently moved a lot of stuff but it appears to me something is missing.

Arloallen has been de-whitelisted at least until an appeal to give reason behind this. It wasn't much but it's still not right.


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GIve him 1 Weeks BAN! for Stoling and Robbing

[Image: mindlessboy_4032_sig.jpg]
Be Sweet Guy
I say give him perma-ban till he can give us a good appeal.

[Image: peppy2.png]
Peppy Wrote:I say give him perma-ban till he can give us a good appeal.

Would we be in way more shit if he was like fumbles? Answer? Yes. We don't need any griefers. They appeal, or get some sun.

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
stupid arlo i know him in irl he seems alright but this is stupid maybe he was hacked or somthing but unless he can make a good appeal or give proof that he was hacked i say ban

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[Image: mindlessboy_4032_sig.jpg]
Be Sweet Guy
Shhhh... LOL.. You make quite a racket.

I doubt he steal because I told him not to. Kind of suspicious he ... robbed Galener.

And saKI - some friend you are to arloallen :lol:

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Thats me always the great friend :mrgreen:

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Galener, saKIandwine, Gamut Dragon and Server

I write to you today in apology form, i would like to apologize for

1) 'Stealing from Galener'

2) Breaking the 'Door'

For number 1, i am completely sorry and i will never ever do this again.. I hope that you can let me pay you back with what i took, again, it wont happen again.

For number 2, i am also very sorry and it will not happen again..

I really like this server and the people on it, i do not know why the fu** i did do what i did, but i defiantly know it will not happen again. I hope my friendship with the people from this great server can stay alive, and i also hope you could unban me, and if i do one thing wrong, perm ban me.



well, that sounds sincere.

and uh, why the hell would you do that...

Quiet, child. Before i remove your toes with my pancreas.

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