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Ban Appeal
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Your minecraft IGN:

Reason for your current ban:

How long ago were you banned?
15th Nov 2016

Why should we unban you?
Simple, cos i got banned for something i wasn't doing.

What exactly i was doing:
Found a natural tunnel into the ground, mining iron and coal.
It ran into a dead end so i started mining down like a staircase.
Got stopped by Granite, Diorite and Andesite (i hate having this crap so i try avoid it), found more gold and some diamonds.
Kept dodging Granite, Diorite and Andsite, and tried looping back to my staircase up to start building a house. BUT then i got a ban for Xray. You need to understand how upset i am for getting banned for being legit. Only other bans i have had on other servers was when i was younger for sexual harassment or something stupid like that. Lesson learned to not ask for someones number on a server. Lol
But anyways, please if i can get a response, was starting to like this server too.

Probs not the best time to ask but i couldn't find a shop on website and i didn't get a response in game, is there a shop u can buy stuff for you in-game?

You've been unbanned, I've given you the benefit of the doubt. Any further suspicious activity will result in additional punishment.

To answer your second question, we do not have a donation system in place to purchase items in-game. You will find merchants in the hub area that will sell you commands, permissions and items for in game money obtained through playing on the server.

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