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Ban appeal.
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Your minecraft IGN:

Reason for your current ban:
Apparent greifing when in actual fact i replace the blocks i used to make a boat anyway.

How long ago were you banned?
yesterday i believe.

Why should we unban you?
In my opinion i have done nothing to deserve this ban, i dont even know how they noticed, the wood logs were gone for probably 30 seconds until i could replace them.

Mate, look. You've been un-banned but take a moment to realize this wasn't 'apparent' greifing, it was intentional. You said it yourself, you went and 'Intentionally' broke part of Ithicon's bridge in order to build a boat. Not only is that down-right the definition of greifing but the irony being that there is a forest equal distance from Zelda's island as it is to where you broke the wood off....

Please do bear in mind this sort of thing isn't tolerated here, not on any level, big or small. You did it with intent and that is what counts.


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