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Figured I may as well take the results as they are and go ahead with the first comp.

WHAT: Buildcomp, so what'll happen is we'll all gather up in a pre-set area where you will have two hours to build to a certain theme. Baivo has given me the idea of instead of the normal, "RIGHT, HERE IS THE THEME NOW GO.', use a list and rng the theme out of said list, so that we shall do. Judging shall commence upon the end of the two hours and the winner and runner up (Depends on numbers) will recieve the prize tba.

WHEN, EDITED!: Sunday, the 1st of May. At 1:30pm AWST, 3:30pm EAST.

WHERE: Flat lands of my city thingy

PRIZE: TBA. It'll end up being keys but unsure as to how many and of what calibre.

OTHER: No signup required but hey, an idea of numbers prior is always nice, Smile

THEMES: Gothic, Space, Medieval, Farm, Transport and Western

well, typical "I'm interested, but may not be able to show up!" so just message me before it begins?


Just for some clarification what do you mean by this "use a list and rng the theme out" ?

In the post there is a list of themes, one will be picked via redstone-machine.

Just to further clear things up. Have a rough idea for the themes, I'm culling the numbers because I've realized I probably used too many for initial choice. Anyway, as mentioned have an idea for each theme and then on the day the final theme will be picked from the list one hour prior to start time.

Also like to point out seeing as we are starting later, if you need to leave for dinner midway just let me know prior, I'll allocate you extra time based on how long you were gone for, Smile

Hey folks, just a reminder we start in and hour and a half's time as from this post. Theme has been rolled via dice and it is Farm, so anything that has something to do with a Farm

Some quick examples: Stables, farmhouse, redstone mechanisms for a farm, stuff like that. Smile

Get on now folks we start in 12

Just letting contestants know hat I'll go about erasing the build comp stuff a week from now so if you want to take pictures of w/e for fun or for personal reference to build later, then be quick about it.


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