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WHAT: Buildcomp, so what'll happen is we'll all gather up in a pre-set area where you will have two hours to build to a certain theme. Baivo has given me the idea of instead of the normal, "RIGHT, HERE IS THE THEME NOW GO.', use a list and rng the theme out of said list, so that we shall do. Judging shall commence upon the end of the two hours and the winner and runner up (Depends on numbers) will recieve the prize tba.

WHEN: Sunday, the 27th of November At 11am AWST, 2pm EADT

WHERE: Some place


OTHER: No signup required but hey, an idea of numbers prior is always nice, [Image: smile.gif]


And of all weekends, it's the weekend I have to work..

Bummer, well. Take solace in the fact that there will be more coming up

I'll say don't count me in due to moving and possibly no internet this upcoming weekend, however if internet is up by the time of this event, I will certainly come.

45 mins till start, theme annouced

Thanks to those who swung by, in any case, as of yet I've still be unable to get around and have a good look at the builds so I'm going to have to try my luck after work tomorrow as far as judging in concerned, apologies for the delay.


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