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Buildcomp [UPDATED TIME]
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WHAT: Buildcomp, there are two options here as for the ruleset, entirely dependent on numbers that show up on the day. To elaborate, if only a few 3-5 or so show up, we'll be building with floating single chunks. If more, you'll work in teams to pretty up a house template that I'll be dropping in.

WHEN: 30/07/2017 @ 11am AWST, 1pm AEST, 8pm PDT (Day before), 4am GMT.    ~2Hours comp time, Please arrive 30 mins prior to start-time, Big Grin

will this be a saturday?

also this sounds good

Oops, meant it to be the 30th mybad

Booped: This is still planned and going to happen, Big Grin. Hope to see ya there

will this be sunday now (tommorow)


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