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Could anyone administer cpr to the tekkit server? please.

Yes please do!

Afew mins after gale revived it, it died again.... Why is it crashing so much?

I log onto Steam, someone immediately tells me it's not working...
I log onto Tekkit, say hi to cwp and Boom, then Dengar logs in and crashes it...

But up until just now, it was working fine...

I'm going to sit and watch console, and if it crashes every time Dengar logs in, then he's clearly done something silly and must be banned.

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
I am thinking it is something to do with crossbreeding cause start and I started cross breeding nether warts to get other types...
This then would affect anyone who was in Start, Hypers and mine's house. So basically stay away from it for the moment.

EDIT: After Rob's help we have found it is something in mine and/or Start's inventory, we are fixing it as you read this.


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