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Chain of Command!
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Hello everyone! Today I'm clarifying roles on the server. Basically, if you (regardless of your rank) have an issue on the server with something, pick the lowest person on this list, and start with them. If the result is unsatisfactory, and your problem is not resolved in a good enough way, talk to the next person up.

PEPPY2006: In charge of everything on the server ultimately.

BAIVO: Oversees all development of the server, under Peppy's direction. An order from Baivo, unless overruled by Peppy, is just as good as Peppy saying it.

REGOX: Regox is our chosen representative before things are brought to Baivo, as he's been here the longest out of everyone else. While he may just be a Moderator, he is a very capable person when it comes to decision making.
TRISEMIGISTUS: Lead Administrator. Admins that have issues should bring them up to Trise first, and he can resolve said issues at his level, or if need be, bring them to Regox for further decision-making. Alternatively, if you have a problem with an Admin, contact Trisemigistus first.

CUPPINATOR: As most senior Moderator, all other complaints from the rank of Moderator down should go to Cuppinator first. If the resulting decision is not satisfactory, refer to Trisemigistus. Alternatively, if you have a problem with a Moderator, go to Cuppinator first.

ALL STAFF: If your problem is small (as in, not pertaining to problems with staff members, but rather grief or abusive players), contact any available online staff member. [START FROM HERE AND GO UP ^^^]

"Help I don't understand this"

Okay, a couple examples. Open the Spoiler below for more information.

[Image: peppy2.png]

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