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Changes made to the server as of 19/6/2017 are put here:

Forums are being resurrected. Hopefully people will read this in the future and see that we succeeded. 

Tab list now displays ranks as well as names, instead of just boring white names. 

EssentialsX finally released an update, fixing a number of issues. I'm glad to announce you can /suicide again. Hooray.

Updated staff list to reflect rank changes of Mochi and Clubmantic.

[Image: peppy2.png]
Mining world has been reset

Wilderness warp moved, old wilderness warp replaced with pond warp.

Market now has a warp also.

These can all be found using gateways in the hub.

Shops now use the ChestShop plugin. Shops can be created using a sign attached to, or on top of a chest. Here's the format.

Your Name
The amount to buy/sell per click
B [Buy price] : S [Sell price]
The item being bought/sold

Note, B is the price the player pays to buy the item listed. S is the price they get paid to sell to you. 

On top of a dollarydoo, you will now also receive a box containing a variety of goodies. This feature will need to be worked on further, so feel free to give us any feedback you might have.

We now have a support email which can be used to ping me directly.

Can be found in the motd.

The notifications are set to go off on my phone so the response time should be faster than just spamming me on discord.

Teleport timer and cooldown removed.

Eskys are no longer rewarded on a per hour basis

New server shop system has been added. Accessed using /shop or /menu.


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