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Poll: Should we have some kind of lawless zones
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Changing the Laws of Minecraft
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Okay so for those of you that know me, you understand I've been around the block. I've seen walls fall and veterans walk away, but throughout the years, I haven't seen the laws change.

I've been thinking for a long time about how the narratives we make for ourselves are controlled by the rules we enforce and in respect to this once thriving community I now see room for change.

You see the laws of our community are too stringent, they have strangled the life out of our server and over the years have sent hundreds of prospective new members away, turned off by our over indulgence of what is essentially a philosophy of safe spaces.

When I log on there is no where I face an actual threat of competition, I can't be killed by other players, and the properties I construct cannot be harmed, a fire won't burn down a forest for example, a trap built with a complex arrangement of tnt and redstone trickery will see me banned before it sees another player harmed.

That isn't to say that we should have a lawless free for all or that I take this security and order for granted, only that I want to see reform allowing a little more in the way of mischievous fun.

What I propose is to change the rules so that the laws of no griefing and no violence/stealing,etc applies only on privately owned land and server recognised towns.

How this would function is that the map is essentially divided into different sections by the moderators. Spawn for example would carry all the normal laws and penalties for disobeying them, but once you step out into the wild you have the freedom to conduct whatever mischievous plans you desire.

The benefits of this are obvious, increased challenge and excitement for players that want to participate. This section of the map that is lawless could be all land that isn't owned or could be just a section dedicated to lawlessness, we could also make purchasing land a challenge for example by setting an arbitrary price to block ratio paid in diamonds to the state. So if you want to buy space for a property or town in this free for all section you have to demonstrate the ability to gather precious resources in this hostile environment, thus adding an element of skill and competition to the server.

I for one would love to see either a full on wild west between towns and settled regions or at the very least a dedicated wild land where the ordinary laws don't apply, but of course I wanna hear everyone's opinion on this so comment down below and share your thoughts!

This sounds like a good idea but if I were to do this i would have it set as a specific dimension rather than zone in the overworld. But i would definitely enjoy having a dimension that sets aside all laws and its pure chaos. Another thing to come into consideration is hacks. Again if i were to do this hacks would still be banned as it could/will be painful to the players that cant/dont know how to use hacks. These are all ways that i would choose to do an anarchy style zone.

I could switch over the modded server to an anarchy server for a bit. For those not aware, an anarchy server is basically a vanilla minecraft server with, wait for it, nothing else. No ranks, staff, rules, nothing.

I'll refrain from voting for now, but I did play on a server where they had the western half of the map ruled and regulated and safe while the eastern half was this wild lands you describe where pvp was a thing, and raids, etc. I could go for something like that

Approved, will work on implementing changes with the community.

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