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You heard right, Chess is now on the server!

Out by my incomplete castle I have constructed a Chess board and pieces. When someone wishes to play, they will be granted temporary flymode to view the board from any angle they see fit and pieces are moved by worldedit.

If anyone wishes to play, catch me when I'm on the server or drop a message here. If anyone wishes to play while I'm not around please keep in mind you'll need someone with worldedit access to play(mainly Admins) and keep in mind an admin may not always want to stick around to move pieces for you while you play a friend. Also, please respect any games that are in progress! If there is a game in progress and you would like to play, have an admin copy the board to another location or wait until the current game is finished. Please keep the game pieces in tact. If a Queen piece wipes the board with the enemy pieces, please move the captured pieces off to the side, do not destroy them.

If enough people show interest, I may hold a Chess tournament with a possible prize.

Happy gaming and may the best man win!

P.s. Do not push admins into playing. If they don't want to play, or help with moving pieces, that's their choice.


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