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Dirt Tombs
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So back in like 2011 or something, there was a game started up by TonuTurtlee called Dirt Tombs.
The aim was to dirt-tomb afk people and in one case the owner of the server was dirt-tombed and the person who dirt-tombed him got dirt-tombed, which started a chain reaction and kind of made it a competition.
A lot of people enjoyed this game, and so I thought of reviving it.
It's not meant to be aggressive, and you have to remove the dirt tombs instead of leaving them all over the map.
To start:

I got ninja afking whilst doing an assignment, inside the brewery Smile
[Image: 75e4cb449d.jpg]

Keep in mind there is an active Quest not really displayed anywhere but one thread that faded into obscurity long ago that states if you are able to tomb Baivo completely in glass you will be rewarded with an italicized name on the server. As it stands, I'm the only active member to achieve this. Happy hunting folks. ;D


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