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Game Server Closure
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Greetings LoM'ers, SbG'ers, whatever.

I'll call you all friends, at this point.

It's been a hell of few years we've spent together, or if you're one of the last few, a hell of a six (six!!!) years. However, all good things must end. I believe I put the analogy quite well while discussing this topic amongst a few friends earlier...

The way I'm seeing this place though

It's like... You've never seen a snowstorm I'm guessing.
But, when I was a kid, it'd snow, and oh my lord it was amazing
Your whole neighborhood blanketed in white
It's magical
And you and your friends have so much fun
But one day, you notice the snow's fallen off the trees, that's where it starts.
No bother though, plenty on the ground to play with
So you keep going and carrying on
But the next day there's less on the ground than the day before, and this pattern continues until soon, you've got patches
You can't do much, but it's like, this reminder of what you just had, and it's slowly slipping away from you
 So you do something with what you've got
Like build a snow fort
 We'll say this snow fort is now SbG
 It's so much fun, you've got these tunnels and rooms and walls
But the sun's out now, the clouds have all cleared
Your fort slowly melts away
Pretty soon all that's left are the foundations where the walls once were
And looking around you realize there's nothing to build them back up with
The memories are great though
But no matter what, you can't make another snowstorm to replace what that one brought with it.

The "snowstorm" I'm talking about was this community, in it's absolute infancy. Laws of Computers, Laws of Minecraft, now Stoneburner Gaming, was born out of a very unique combination of people, ideas, and a game that everyone thought was just the coolest thing ever at the time. However, we just lack this special "spark" anymore. We've tried, desperately, to salvage what we thought we could. But in the end, time has caught up to us, and it's time we accept the fact that we just aren't enough of a powerhouse community anymore to really condone hosting our own game server.

This isn't saying that the community is gone, though, the community will live on. The age of us having our own dedicated game server, however, is.

I do hope you all will continue on as friends. In the end, that's all this community has been about. Friends doing fun things with friends, both old and new. Thank you all for being a part of this experiment in gaming. It's been fun.

[Image: peppy2.png]
It's a shame to see it have come to this but I certainly can't blame you for your decision Peppy, the fact that you've kept it up even until now is amazing in itself. I certainly do hope that we all remain connected, be it through discord, skype, or here (assuming we are keeping the forums)

I'll endevour to keep some comp thingy's running when I'm free to do so on saturdays and as always It'd be greatt o see a good few pop in to join these 'events'.

Vivat Nostra Civitas

It is very much a shame but all good things have to come to an end eventually, I believe I have most people on steam and use discord frequently so just message me up if you want to chat or play something. Thank you Peppy and all the other admins and players for everything and I wish you all the best.

thankyou all for sticking it out for so long Smile
Your all a great bunch of people Big Grin
see you on steam Wink

Most of us are on discord so I heard that's a pretty cool place to be

It's been a fantastic run, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. You're all amazing people, and have taught me so much over the years. It's sad to see our game servers go, but it would be a lie if I said I hadn't accepted it a while ago.

That being said, I hope the forums will continue to linger for a while if only to gather those that don't visit daily so that they might find alternative ways to stay in touch.

Thank you all for the years of service and comradery, and i look forward to moving on with you all, whatever the future holds.

Much love.

I know I've been a total ghost for a while now. But I thank you all for the times I've had here. Minecraft was never my favourite game or something I loved to spend hours in, but I logged on every day for the community here and the friends I had. I still check these forums multiple times a day and I'm always a little sad to see how much quieter it's gotten.

How many times over the years did we have people post a long and heartfelt forum post to tell us they were leaving the server because they just didn't feel like playing any more? Plenty came back, but we'd always tell them the same thing when they left. "We play games to have fun, you don't have to play if you don't want to, and you don't have to appologise or explain to us why you're going." Don't let these forums die I wanna see games of Cards against humanity, and Civ 5 and whatever else you guys can pull out of the bag. Games are for fun and I want everyone still having fun together here.

My role in this server gave me so much pride when I was more active, and I enjoyed every minute of it with you guys. See you for he next game mentlegen. Best of luck to all!

[Image: nnvfhg.jpg]
[Image: 2rgyiye.jpg] [Image: n2gznk.jpg] [Image: 2nqsmqp.jpg]

This was the very first minecraft server I ever played on and hell it was fucking fun looking back on it, some 5 years ago I believe. I still remember the towns I made and the spawns that were built. RIP

~Shor Empire~
~Sign up today~
It's been a while since I've played a game with you guys, but I can honestly say that when I did it was some of the most fun I've ever had in any game.

Playing Minecraft Classic was the best thing, while I did enjoy building, it was the social side of the server that kept me coming back everyday. When Classic was starting to die, I joined you guys in the SMP server and that too was great fun. I remember having the WoM client open on the Classic server, and the survival client open, split screen.
The forums as well, playing forum games at midnight and waiting 30 seconds for someone else to reply, man they were good times.

But, as the friends that I had on the server started to leave one by one, the social aspect of the server started diminishing as school work starting catching up with me and I started being less active until I logged in once a month (until the Minecraft server was stopped), and now I only see you guys on the forums.

This community has something special that I hope never ends, I'm not quite sure what it is but it keeps me coming back onto the forums. It's been a blast, thanks for the good times LoM. (Sorry but no matter what happens I'm still calling it LoM xD)

[Image: 7IJN0.png]
[Image: 76561198054477983.png]
I still remember my first day on this server. Before I had joined, I was OP on a now-dead server called Rabits Den, which was my first Minecraft experience, completely in Classic. I left that place and had been searching for a new server, but I was doing this by server hopping and griefing as I went. I remember joining one server and following some players to a nice house they had built, and once their backs were turned I just started removing everything I saw until they found out and banned me. I continued like that on about 5-6 servers before I popped into LoM.

I was immediately greeted by Padmay who ran to my side and started talking to me about random things and said she was the server greeter or something like that, and she even got me my first private map which was about 50x50 blocks of a steep mountainside dropping into some water. Padmay eventually joined me on my map and said since she got this map for me, she had the right to built in it and before I could say anything she started to build a light house on top of the cliff.

I'm glad I decided to stay here. I have so many good memories of this place that I will never forget. I remember another time on the early days of SMP some people were setting up death traps along roads and I poured a bucket of water down the stairs of someones mine, pissing them off in the process. I think it was either Xhizors or Hyperaxe's mine.

I will also never forget that this community is where King_Roy and I had met. We've been happily together now for five years and many more happy years to come. When King_Roy first joined the server on classic, he annoyed me so much to the point I was considering perma-banning him. He was such an asshole and a troll at the time, and he even told me that he was just serving hopping and trolling people, but decided to stay with us at LoM for a bit. Eventually he shed the troll act and got a little more serious about playing and that's when we started talking.

Then there's my town Epica that I began in a snowy biome at the edge of a map that was to be changed out for a fresh new map in less than a month. No one joined it, but the announcement of the settlement on the forums gained a few players saying they would join. When the new map came, Epica became a colony of 001. Epica never had too many members, but a small handful was enough to keep it going, although there were many long periods of time when I was its only member or only active member.

Eventually Epica was renamed to Neptuneas and a proper flag was created in the form of a large wool banner that hung in a deep canyon on the Extreme Hills map we had. I'm proud of the layout that town achieved, although much more could have been done. I'm also proud of the few members I had there. Primarily the redstone expert Jeem whom I helped dig out and lay the foundation for a redstone clock he intended to make, yet never finished before departing from our community. I have actually met Jeem twice in person and I keep up with him on Facebook once in a while. Last I heard he was in college on Arizona, USA for Astronomy and Engineering and doing very well.

After Neptuneas ceased to exist, there was the Nether invasion, which if I remember correctly, gave CWP a bit of a scare when he logged in one day to see the thick forest on the other side of the river from his town burned to the ground and a large nether tower standing in the midst of theclearing. I had constructed similar towers or temples across the map outside every player town or settlement, the temples were mostly underground and each different. The invasion eventually came to a head when the 001 army aimed to defend CWPs town against my minuscule forces and crushed me.

The next map after that came the creation of Aeoth, which I named a college of the arcane arts, although in reality no magery occured there. But that didn't stop me from building it. My last major build was Castle Oblivion.

I will certainly miss this place and the good friends that have gone.


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