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Goodbye England!
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So now I am sitting on my bed, with my computer in front of me, writing this text and thinking back to when I first was asked by the border force lady what I want in the UK. When I decided to come here one schoolyear seemed like an eternity. When I came back to England after two weeks of christmas holiday I though it to be an eternity as well. But right now it doesn't fell like it although when looking back... I have found my everydaay life here, I know people and teachers in my school... but I also know that I will probably never see them again. I spent almost a year of my life with them. A year I was a student of an English school and still nothing will remain. When I came back from my christmas break I changed host families (for various reasons). The two weeks with my family were adorable and I just didn#t want them to end. When my new host family (I knew them from when my first host family were on holiday) picked me up from the coach station it and drove through the streets of my town (I might tell the name in a few months but right now due to privacy reasons not) it felt like getting back home. But going away from home. Just like now. The difference in January was: I found a new circle of nice people. For a long time I hadn't played on servers and for the first time ever I found an SMP server. I was looking for one with structures and roleplay aspects. I cam on "Laws of Minecraft" whcih did sound like what I was looking for. I typed the server-IP into the connect directly bar. And I first met Rob. I had no idea how this would all work. I had no idea what would be my job. I had no idea about what I would get. After asking a few times whether anyone could help me, Rob was no longer AFK.
[6:41] * Firefighter0701 (Firefighter0701@Firefighter0701) has joined #main
[6:44] <Firefighter0701> Is there anyone?
[6:44] <Firefighter0701> OK, Problem already solved!
[6:50] <roberestarkk> I am here
[6:50] <roberestarkk> What problem?
[6:51] <Firefighter0701> I'm not a native English speaker and I did not completely understand, how to choose the faction.
[6:51] <Firefighter0701> But now I did.
[6:51] <roberestarkk> Ah, gotcha
Looking for something to find an orientation on I was wondering whether I could join the Terran marines... but as we know that didn't happen. First I wanted to find a home in the spruce forest near Misten Peak but I died and didn't find the spot again. So on the next try I built my house close to the Terran capital. Only a few days adter I had re-arrived in Britain and only two days after I had first joined, I turned 15. I invited everryone for a little party behind my house. It wasn't everyone at once, of course, but for example Regox' generous gift of a hell lot of cakes wass really nice as well as TGC's products that I would have needed to wait for another 3 years IRL Big Grin. Progress went slowly. Very slowly. It took me ages to find diamonds and then I fell in Lava. GREAT! Next time a witch killed me and the server didn't save my drops GREAT! I finally used my last pieces of iron to craft an armor. A skelly kicked me in lava. F*CKING GREEEEAAAAAT!!! THen I met Baivo for the first time. WHile I was still complaining about my bad luck he tped me to Marinaqua and gave me full dia armor, a dia sword and an enchanted dia pick plus all the iron and gold I had lost. From that point on I was unstoppable. I found 5 diamonds in a row, and I finally got to make a villager out of a villager zombie. But a creeper had different thoughts. Although I had covered my villager in cobble... you can imagine my reaction. Took a few days until I managed to get two new ones. A librarian and a farmer. I think, especially cuppeh, can remember my huge wheat and sugarcane fields near the capital. I got one emerald block after antoher and thanks to Regox I could exchange them 1:1 to diamond blocks. At times I had more than a stack of diamonds Big Grin. Also short time after I had enjoyed some alcohol and I also wanted to give it a try. nogard showed me ow to brew and only two days later I had a huge brewery cellar with separate barrel and storage rooms. Regularly I had visitors there (e.g. I thought Death how to brew). However the number of visitors who entered and who left is different... by one *looks over to Shiny*. But then the war came. I prepared by chopping off most of the spruce forest behind my house, thinking that it woul dbe useful to see enemies coming from far distance. CUppeh had a different opinion though and he didn't manage to tell me this in a way I understood. So I logged on and THERE WERE F*CKING TREES EVERYWHERE?! He had moved my house about... what was it? 1300 blocks away? In the end This conflict was ended by Peppy copying my house to my location of choice. Geminus Minor, as I called the isle, became the Northern Province of the Terran Federation. After a few communication issues (which were my mistake clearly) it worked out that Regox expected me not to build up a military base there (which wasn't my intention though). I got huge farms to supply the Federation as I couldn't defend my stuff (timezones). A few days later I logged onto the forums and saw THAT: . WHAT? END OF MAP? RESET? DESTROY?!! It worked out pretty quickly that we would keep inventories so I immediatey started stackign suplies and categorizing what I would need most. I took my most valuable items, sponges, gold emeralds, diamonds, iron, saddles and got some supplies together, mainly read and pumpkin pie. After two weeks I logged on. In stone. Fortunately I had a dia pick in my inventory so I could rescue myself before suffocating. So here was it. A new world. Ready for me to explore and find a new home...

If anyone wants this statement of what happened from my point of view to be continued, write it in a post!


Apples are healthy. Still you could choke yourself and die. However, apples are not classified as dangerous. Why should vaccinations be?
Vaccinations save lives.
(04-07-2015, 01:17 AM)Firefighter Wrote:  THen I met Baivo for the first time. 

Always the beginning of a great story.

So now that you've finished your year of schooling in England you're heading back home to wherever?

(04-07-2015, 01:17 AM)Firefighter Wrote:  as well as TGC's products that I would have needed to wait for another 3 years IRL Big Grin.

Oh Fire you Blush

Well good luck to you on your travels, hope to see you on soon Smile

Minecraft Name: TheGameCrasher (Call me DS Big Grin )
Expert at redstone and skinning. I also make custom maps when I'm not playing on LoM, one of which has over 39k views.
I'm back home with my parents and pets ^^


Apples are healthy. Still you could choke yourself and die. However, apples are not classified as dangerous. Why should vaccinations be?
Vaccinations save lives.

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