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How do you Downgrade Minecraft?
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Hey guys, i r back, but this time with a question...
How do you Downgrade minecraft?
For some reason i am updated the the latest version but i cannot play on LoM, so
how do you downgrade minecraft?

Go to Edite Profile, then to use versions and click 1.6.2.

Bench has returned!
Here, take some pictures
[Image: 4Wl1I.jpg] Click on either New Profile or Edit Profile

[Image: 4Wl2r.png]
Set "Use version" to "release 1.6.2"

STEP 3: Save Profile
STEP 4: Select Profile (if you haven't)
STEP 5: Play Wink

Welcome back Ninja Smile


[Image: nnvfhg.jpg]
[Image: 2rgyiye.jpg] [Image: n2gznk.jpg] [Image: 2nqsmqp.jpg]
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