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I broke my.......
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I'm sad guys. Today at my footy match i jumped for a mark and broke my collarbone. I cannot play sport for 6 weeks Sad

So list below your worst injury vvvvvv

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I have only ever broken one bone (touch wood) that was my thumb. Broke it in a punch up. before you ask, no I didn't punch with my thumb inside my fist.

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was stabbed with a knife about 4 years back, I was walking home when a hobo jumped from behind a dumpster and yelled at me for my money and well it was dark and I did not see he had a knife and well I fought back and was stabbed in the gut and he got my in my left lung :\

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crashed my car would be the worst i've done, not going into details

p.s wish you the best man

Bloody Americans -_-

Ive never had any really bad injuries *Touches Head Wood*
Worst would have been when I was about 6 and running quickly on concrete, next thing I new i had a completely bleeding knee. I also got headbutted on the bus once. Apparently I looked at them.

Worst thing thats ever happened to me is fracturing my pinky toe..

Ah, I'm more careful than most. Although I think I was semi-headbutted by a bison when I was 10.

Worst I've probably done is nearly break my nose 3 times :/

First was in lunchtime football and I took a knee to the face.
Second was someone pretending to hit me until he really did hit me.
Third was when I took a hockey stick to the face -_-

I cut my head completely open when I was six

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2:19:20 PM: T_Nigs Wrote:use common sense
would be the time I got a pin in my knee I have a cross-hair on my knee where they had to go down to muscle to get it out. Never broken a bone though I doubt I will. Hard bones seem to come from my father's side he had his legs pinned in the car door of a Ute that was moved into the gutter by a smaller car (There is a youtube video if any needs proof) his leg blew up like a balloon but didn't even fracture. Well there was also this time I got a large cut all the way from around about where your heart is but on the other side down almost to my hip on the other side from when I jumped on my bed and there was a metal coat hanger on it. Anyway hope you feel ok.

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