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Meet the Staff!
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Peppy2006/Pernsteiner#6894 - Benevolent Dictator and Owner of this community.

Regox/Regox#9216 - Peppy's Right Hand Man. 

Baivo/Baivo#9867 - Community Manager, runs the day to day activities of the server.

RobereStarkk/Robere Starkk#6785 - Old Fogey, runs the discord and provides wisdom.


Dengar708/Dengar#1290 - Secret Admin, does command block stuff and aids Baivo.

Trisemigistus/Trisemigistus#4956 - In charge of handling promotions and rank related issues.

Cuppinator/Cuppinator#1782 - Head of Marketing/Advertising. Likes to start building things.

Ejano/Ejano#4559 - HR department. Only person on the team with a set of morals. Likes to fish.

Turtle_Haps/Cap'n Turtle#1112 - Responsible for the Moderation team. Pretty good builder too.


Ithicon/Ithicon#7823 - Head Mod. In charge of staff training, responsible for all new staff [Helpers]

Clubmantic/Clubmantic#6546 - Drag Queen who builds nice brick shacks

Mochicake/marimochi#2386 - damnit mochi. Owner of the MochiBlock.

kimon/kimon#3460 - Needs a shower, even after just having one.


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