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Merlock69 Cjkinyon insult
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Noticed those guys on discord.

Your minecraft username:

The offenders' minecraft usernames:

Reason for the report:
insult, excessive amount of swearing, when I kindly asked to tone it down it turned upon me

Additional information regarding the offense:
Some examples: (not in chronological order)

"Newbie [Newbie]Merlock69 » youre a lil bitch boy"

"Newbie [Newbie]Cjkinyon » ur mums a hoe"

"Newbie [Newbie]Cjkinyon » report ur mums ass"

"Newbie [Newbie]Merlock69 » report your dad
Newbie [Newbie]Merlock69 » missing
Newbie [Newbie]Merlock69 » black fuck"

Just a short excerpt, read through discord if you want more.


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