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Mob Traps (MUST READ)
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(09-12-2012, 02:35 AM)roberestarkk Wrote:  1 question... Does the "you gotta kill them yourself rule" include peaceful mobs?
Because the railcraft feed stations I've setup caused me huge amounts of problems when I forgot to cull them in a timely manner...
The masses of pigs was repeatedly lagging me out, and without my ring of arcana burning them all to bits, I can't imagine ever being able to clear them all up... Even Archangel's smite was ineffective...

Actually... I've just figured out a spiffy way to counteract this effect, because Tekkit is awesome like that... But my initial question might as well still be answered...
This is referring to mob spawners mate. Last I checked, Mob spawners can only be brought in for passive mods via spawning them into your inventory. Has Tekkit changed something there?

I have no problems with you archangeling or Arcanaing those passive mobs.


And while they aren't really spawners, the railcraft feed stations are automatic breeders... So you provide them with 2 adults, and half an hour later, when rights stands on the pressureplate like a fool and lets them all out, you get 3 stacks of meat...

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]


[CENTER][Image: 24.jpg][/CENTER]

[Image: dreadofmondayssmall.png]
2:19:20 PM: T_Nigs Wrote:use common sense
lol i never knew 7 blaze rods = 2 diamonds xD

Well enjoy it while it lasts, it won't be so in the next version of Tekkit... Speaking of which, I should probably talk to D'Koda about updating it.

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]

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