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Poll: Should Nations be changed so it is not restricted to each realm?
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7 100.00%
0 0%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Nations Change
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Since the community appears to be in favor of changing nations so that they are not restricted to the Overworld, Nether or End for their respective nation, I'd like to put this up for a vote now so we can get things moving in that direction. We're still in the beginning stages of this and there will be more discussions to come IF this vote passes on how exactly we implement the change.

So for now, should Nations be changed so that the 3 reigning nations are not restricted to their respective realm?

I'll be honest i think both the changes you mentioned go hand in hand rather than being separate measure but eh

I agree but I'm lost on how to implement this change.

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That's why we'll be discussing it if this vote passes before taking any actions. Cup has a good idea in the first discussion thread about a revolt or some such. The details can be worked out.

I overall don't like the idea of basing nations on the three dimensions on Minecraft. I preferred when there wer just normal factions without any real relation to the Overworld, Nether and End. Borders were draws on the overworld, Nether and End were international territory. I always liked it that way.
IMO we should change the entire nations definition. BUT, if everyone insists on the nations being based upon dimensions, I think we should keep the people being restricted to their realms. So yeah, I can't really put my opinion into any of these categories of the vote. Cast my vote in the respective class, once our discussion gets a little more elaborate.


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Nations would have to be able to afford their claims, as well as effectively defend their stakes. What I mean by that is, they can claim an entire dimension in theory, but they'd have to support that whole claim.

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With a 7 yes to 0 no vote, this petition passes.

Thread Closed 

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