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Nations Discussion
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Greetings everyone,

Ever since the voting during the time of us experiencing issues and pushing for a new map, I've had my reservations about our current Nations set-up. I did vote for Nations and the idea of having nations is still something I am for. However, I don't care for how they were implimented; i.e. splitting them into 3 static nations with no room for anything else as well as separating those 3 into their respective realms. This idea was alluring at first, and is why I wanted to at least give it a shot. Even before all this came up, I was thinking about doing more work in the Nether alongside a few overworld projects I had in mind. 

Over time, however, I have found that living in the Nether isn't all that practical. Even with strength and fire resistance there is still the issue of food, getting ores such as iron, lapis, etc. These things can be traded for, yes, but perhaps not as much as we'd need to be sustained, or perhaps at all if there is no one willing to trade with us. On top of all that, I find myself longing to start those overworld projects I mentioned before, yet I can't really do that without violating international law and so me and my citizens are stuck in the Nether for almost our entire time online. The Nether is fine to build in, and as I said I was even thinking of doing a project or two inside it for this new map. Living in it all day every day has gotten tiring, and I find myself playing minecraft less and less.

So, to get to the point of this, I want to propose two topics to talk about. I'd like to discuss this before putting anything up for vote or proposed change so I and the rest of staff can get a feel for public opinion. Keep in mind this post represent only myself at the time of posting it and I don't know what the rest of staff will think of it.

1. I would like to break the current restrictions that members of Arcanscythia are mostly restricted to the Overworld, Abaddon members are restricted to the Nether, and the same for the End. I want everyone to be able to choose where they create their nation, and not be restricted by realm. 

2. I want Nations to be less static and restricted in that the 3 nations may continue to exist, but more like our previous town system have it so that other nations may crop up if they meet certain requirements. This allows active, successful nations to grow into the power they deserve instead of having a nation, such as Abaddon, which is barely anything, but because our current set-up demands its existence, it exists.

I would assume this is true for most people. The 'overworld' is where nearly everyone should be accustomed to playing Minecraft, and I do miss my mountains and forests. I honestly cannot see myself playing in the Nether for much longer, and in truth, I may step down from Abaddon in favor of becoming Neutral just so I can do my own thing. But at the same time I don't want to do that, as I'd like Nations to thrive as well. But I can't do both in our current set up.

So my understanding is that there may be more than 3 nations, and they may claim parts of each realm?

im suicidal
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Yes, much like our previous town system where if a group of people came together and built a community, they could register for official recognition, except now it would be nations. the 3 original nations I would imagine might remain the greater among them, but that could change depending on how people decide to play.

I fully agree with the proposed changes. Minecraft is by nature about building, exploring and mining. all 3 of those aspects are limited when you are stuck in one of the 3 zones, as well as limiting inter-nation interactions by not having free borders.

I concur, I somehow got the idea that each dimension would have some overworld genned into it anyway but apparently that hasn't happened... So Yeah seems legit.

Besides, wasn't the idea of the Nations to implement them using Towny? Meaning that if they're all in the overworld with outposts in the other dimensions, then territorial disputes will actually possibly become a thing with actual plugin mechanics supporting them, rather than in the form of jealously guarding your dimension while simultaneously needing resources from the other ones?

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Look, I mean if we do this. We at least need to think it through and not make it an abrupt change, make some relatively fun rebellion against oppressive nations thing or something.

Upadte: Well I guess this is what happens when i write while tired, sorry if this come off in any means as rude, Confused

@Cup If you look again you'll notice this is a 'discussion' thread not 'lets take action and change things right this second thread" Have any input other than that? Like perhaps how this rebellion could begin?

I agree with this.
Mostly because i miss using regular building materials even though i'm not limited to nether materials only, it seems like they're the only ones that actually "fit in".
Also we have no nature, nothing besides quartz and glowstone + the brewing ingredients.
We're missing things like: Iron, Wood, Coal, Diamonds and so on.

Something around here needs to be changed, let all nations return to the overworld instead of this entire realm nation thing.

(The nations could represent their realm and even add the backstory of how the nations had to flee their homes due to massive invasions of the realms mobs.)

Yea, even if I'm part of the overworld I can imagine it being annoying to not really have any of the usual materials to build with. So I'm all for lifting the strict no mining in x nation unless you're part of it. It could always be done so an area around a nation was limited to only those from it just so the players that's part of it have easy access to a few materials. Other than that I'm all for lifting the no mining thing.

To elaborate on my point. As it stands we have 3, lets be honest relatively weak nations (If we are comparing them to the vast number of neutrals). What I'm proposing is that we set this up to be a series of, well i hate to say events because events make it some like it's a few hour thing but more a drawn out conflict of power against the majors. (Wether this be in the form of just neutrals attacking my fellow Scythians or attacking all three would need to be discussed and set out in a manner than makes sense, ultimately revolting against purely Scythia seems to most logical option)

Once the revolting 'phase' per se is complete, the ease in tension would them lead to the forming of other nations, this might also be the point where both end and nether nations could encroach on the weakened overworld nation.

Before any of this would begin (Assuming the future vote goes in favor), planning to set up the conditions for 'nation/town' creation will need to be enacted so that a smooth transition can be implemented game side.


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