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Poll: Should they look in to making this?
Hell yeah!
Why? I dont see what it would do..
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New /badge idea
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What are you trying to change?
A little update to the /badge if its possible
Now i know this might not be easy and all but i just had the idea. So i know for a fact that is should have 2 badges i was thinking if there were a possibility that you would be albe to switch between the badges you had, as i now have [A] and [H], if i wanted to take off the [H] badge and wear the other one instead it would be something like /badge a.

What will it do for the server/forum?
Make it easier to switch around between your available badges, would make it easier to also add new badges later on as people can change them, them selfs or atleast i would like to think soo.

Why should the change be made?
In my oppinion cause its a great not too big feature.

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Think of your [H] badge like a police badge a police officer wears to identify him/herself as legitimate. Your helper badge is what identifies you as a staff trainee and a person we can seek help at. I don't think you should hide it, instead perhaps there should be a possibility to show all badges.


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Well I'm not only thinking of my self, and i do not know either if they plan to ever add more badges but if they do this would be a good feauter in my opinion, nothing els. ^^

Live is one of the rarest things that most people simply exist
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