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New factions thread
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You read right, post your factions here for people to hear about and join, you'll be required to update your player list as you get new members. Note, this thread is only for people ADVERTISING their new factions, NOTHING ELSE. Btw, follow the format I use.

With that out of the way, meet my faction that probably won't turn into much!

Faction Name: Brigante Loyalists
Faction Shortname (One Word): Brigante
Faction Capital Name: Brementanacum Veteranorum
Faction Background (Try to spin it somehow out of the old factions, we want the lore to make sense): A group of loyalists to the Terran Federation that broke off as a result of it's inaction against the Dominion. (I'm going to expand it later but thats the general gist)
Faction Speciality: Specializes in both combat and it's lucrative logging trade.
Faction Leader(s): Cuppinator,
Faction Members: Ella2013, Joey12
Faction Colour: Gold

Borders  --->[Image: Brigante%20land_zpseoec1rng.jpg]

Think thats it

Faction Name: Moriaris Splinter Cell
Faction Shortname (One Word):
Faction Capital Name: [Redacted]
Faction Background (Try to spin it somehow out of the old factions, we want the lore to make sense): For eons we have waited, watching you, protecting you and now we rise again. Like a phoenix from the ashes Moriaris rises again, a power like no other we aim to fight for what is right and beat all evils which exist in this world. This limited group aims not the be the greatest power but the most feared for strength does not come in numbers but in absolute resolve.
Faction Speciality: Specializes in combat and combat related exercises
Faction Leader(s): Dengar709
Faction Members: _Shintaro, Xardian
Faction Colour: Dark Gray (Colour code 8)


Faction Name: La fédération français
Faction Shortname (One Word):

Faction Capital Name: Versailles, although the 'country' is France.
Faction Background: It's been all too long since the world has seen the true might of the French. The last known descendant of Terran General Napoleon Bonaparte has decided that rulers of the world are no longer fit to lead. It is because of this that a revolution must take place, a revolution to end them all. However he is still upholds the many traditions that he had while in Horleggor
Faction Speciality: La fédération français specializes in trade and combat. This group spend lots of time gathering resources to add to their collection of war devices, including redstone powered machines. 
Faction Leader(s): Arberax
Faction Members:
Faction Colour(s): Blue, White, and Red (Specifically in that order)


Please forgive the bad picture quality. But here lies the borders of LFF, as of 2/3/15

Faction name:  (One Word)[/b]:UGSR
Capital: Berlin
Background: After a long war, the people of the former Terrans and Horleggors, which had united in a desperate fight for life or death, lived in poverty and were ruled by capitalistic and imperialistic Bourgeoisie. After long detailed preprations, the people finally raised up to free themselves from slavery and buld up a free and peaceful country that is facing the future. Risen from ruins this nation is not fighting with weapons, it is fighting with hammer and sickle, being lead and advised by the intelligentsia. This social system shall be a new and better version of the socialism. There shall be NO (not now, was a typing error) repression, there shall be no police state, it shall be a democracy of the working people.
Speciality: The Union of German Socialist Republics (UGSR) is a peaceful nation specialised on production of goods, especially agriculture. The speciality is, that private property is limited to goods of everyday need. Products are owned by production collectives, that are controlled by the state to ensure, they are not abused, but the state is doing everything to make them free and independent enterprises. However trades with other nations or players are very welcome and will be processed as quickly as possible. The union also has quickly growing amounts of emeralds, which are supposed to become the main payment for other players.
Leader: Firefighter0701
Members: regentach
Colours: Red (n° 4)

This is the location of Berlin:

Exact spawn point (that thingy with HeadQuarter): On the redstone block in front of my gate, facing south.

There's a link to an online banner creator, where I designed the official banner of the UGSR:

Oh and: although it is called "German", English is still one official language besides German. All public information like signs and so on will be in German AND English. It is just, that e.g. contracts with people I know might be written in German only. Of course contracts with players, not speaking German (which I expect to be a lot), will be in English as well as inter-faction contracts.

About the limitation of personal property:
All citizens of the Union get free acess to food, resources and eventually tools. Everything that is in the UNion is people's property. Everyone has the right to recieve what he/she needs, so therefore only a limited amount of it can become private property: Gold, Diamonds and Emeralds must together not exceed five blocks. Iron shall not exceed 10 blocks. All tools can be owned twice. Old tools that are about to break can be put into the pubic storehouse to be repaired. All the rest shall not exceed three doublechests. In individual cases, exceptions can be made. As everyone has the right to use te people's property, by keeping far more than you need is stealing someone else the opportunity. Socialism is a society of giving and taking: Everyone can take whatever he needs and gives what he can. If you keep more, you destroy the system. You would steal and endanger the soveregnity of the union. There's simply no reason to keep stuff, so don't do it, otherwise I'll contact a member of staff for appropriate measures.

The borders are now as attachment. I also marked them with a line of torches in a distance of about 10 blocks between them. As soon as you pass this line, you have entered the union. Borders that are directly at rivers are actually in the middle of the river. A sea border is crossed, when passing a line of buoys. Also if entering the union via coasts you enter it as soon as you are on the actual land or on an area where the water is only one block deep. The actual border is a hundred meters away from the furthest point where the water is only one block deep (except for bays).

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Apples are healthy. Still you could choke yourself and die. However, apples are not classified as dangerous. Why should vaccinations be?
Vaccinations save lives.
Gonna have to point out you can have only 1 colour, this was aimed at being your chat colour like how terran is blue. and fire, I fail to see how that ties into the lore. (Keep in mind you are spinning it off from your current faction, Smile.

I have added an extra criteria which is what your faction will be known as on signs and such like the [Terran] thing, so pick a good one!

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
Faction Name: Brambleshaw Protectorate
Capital: Brambleshaw Island
Background: We're back baby
Speciality: Money & resources
Leader: Regox
Colours: Union Jack
Faction music:

Quote:Regox/Peppy: Oh gawd who let them build a brothel with an option for kiwi's!

[Image: nROxx.jpg]
Faction Name: The Almost Forgotten
Faction Shortname (One Word):
Faction Capital Name: Kyubu
Faction Background: After almost losing Abaddon Dominion, the great leader decided that the faction must go on but do the ways differently. Not as the old ways were of yesteryear with violent acts of war but must become neutral in order to have the other factions accept them and hope for the best.
Faction Speciality: Building and resources
Faction Leader(s): VashTheStampy
Faction Members:
Faction Colour: Maroon

Faction name: Brotherhood of Miners
Faction Short-name: Brotherhood
Faction Capital Name: The Sanctuary
Faction Background: We mine, we trade, we build big halls. 
Faction Leader(s): Baivo
Faction Members: Riri4213, LastAssAssin, silverdrakon1797
Faction Colour: Light green (&a)

Faction Name: Conclave of Shadows
Faction Shortname (One Word): CoS
Faction Capital Name: Sar-Isbandia
Faction Background (Try to spin it somehow out of the old factions, we want the lore to make sense): The shadowy Terran Special Unit has once again broken off to become it's own faction. Small in number but vast in prowess, the Conclave obviously exists, but what it does and how remains a mystery to all but it's members.
Faction Speciality: Specializes in stuff and things which are classified.
Faction Leader(s): Robere_Starkk
Faction Members:
Faction Colour: Aqua
Faction Theme:

Borders  --->

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]

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