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New plugins (Yay Dengar did something!)
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Okay so the basics is we now have custom enchantments which can be gotten but are slightly rare, they have a variety of effects and will probably be altered as I go along to make weaker enchants better etc. Some enchants will not be avaliable due to griefing potential otherwise anything listed is obtainable!

Also these enchants may appear on item drops from possible upcoming quests or bosses!

Currently Removed Enchantments
 - Shockwave (Attacking may destroy blocks)
 - Explosive (Breaks other blocks nearby)
 - Molotov (Mass combustion =/= good)
- Bombardment (Contrary to expectation falling tnt from sky is bad)
 - Self Destruct (Mass explosion =/= good)
 - Implants (Infinite food = OP)


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