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Nuclear Reactor
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I have constructed my first nuclear reactor, and felt like I should share this accomplishment with you guys Big Grin
I did not know how exactly to properly place the layout of the uranium and coolant cells, so I went with what I thought was a safe design, let me know if any of you know of a better design!

Roys design of a Nuclear Smoke Tower
[Image: 2vj65xw.png]

Stairs leading to the chamber
[Image: xd3br.png]

Reinforced stone and reinforced stone door leading inside the chamber
[Image: 34qmszr.png]

Reactor core exterior
[Image: qrx00p.png]

Reactor core interior
[Image: 2lt368j.png]

Lol, my reactor is just sitting in the open 10 or 20 blocks away from my house Tongue

Your house is well within the blast radius, just so you know. Yes, explosion damage is off right now, but (as I understand it) once rob figures out why it's disabled, he will re-enable it. So, I would take caution. At least build a reinforced glass or reinforced stone (same blast resistance of 150) sealed container around it.

Yeah I only built it for theory and the fun of it so I dont actually use it...mabey when i have run out if ideas of things to do Iwill do something with it. Tongue

Someone with some mischievous intentions may well want to use your reactor though... For explosive practical jokes...

[Image: nnvfhg.jpg]
[Image: 2rgyiye.jpg] [Image: n2gznk.jpg] [Image: 2nqsmqp.jpg]
Not if they can't do a thing to it thanks to my greif protection zone Big Grin

The man has a nuclear reactor sitting in his front yard he's asking for a problem XD Martch is seriously like the residents of Megaton from Fallout3 right now.

[Image: nnvfhg.jpg]
[Image: 2rgyiye.jpg] [Image: n2gznk.jpg] [Image: 2nqsmqp.jpg]

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