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Official-ish Random Cat Threat
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My signature says it all. Sleepy

[Image: voices.jpg]
[Image: cat-norris-random-22896234-650-520.jpg]

because I can Tongue

still have 8 lives left Tongue

[Image: random-images-with-captions-21.jpg]

[Image: vet00564x_tierarzt_heimtierausweis.jpg]

In Germany for cats you need one of these. Either the yellow one to just note your vaccinations, which is however unofficial. The blue EU-pet passport is an official document which is required for international travel with the pet. And it takes a hell lot of time to write in all that stuff into the passport. That includes detailed information about the pet including a transponder chip number. That stuff is then laminated as well as teh stickers form rabies vaccinations.


Apples are healthy. Still you could choke yourself and die. However, apples are not classified as dangerous. Why should vaccinations be?
Vaccinations save lives.
my kitteh

"I can smell yoou"

[Image: 207x3kx.jpg]

(28-03-2016, 03:36 PM)Crowsnatcher Wrote:  my kitteh

"I can smell yoou"

[Image: 207x3kx.jpg]



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