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Official-ish Random Chat Thread
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Mine Emeril if you can find it. Sells pretty good.

Unfortunately my copy runs like crap on my computer, although I'll be holding onto the game until I can get better parts. Until then I have a copy on ps4.

i found a station that was buying titanium for yellow star price
so just bought it off passing ships that had it to sell but got boring after a little wile :/

meow meow I'm a cow

Hai guys im back after like 4 years i was wonderinf if mincraft is still a thing here and if so what is the ip for it?

Don't slap the hobo.
[Image: ZAeOJAn.png]
Reply I believe. There might be a port. But fyi were voting/discussing a new map and things look in favor of a new one. I would highly recommend you join the Discord chat server as that's where the main hub of people are located. Links can be found around the forum


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