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Poll: Vote for Padmay to be Admin.
This poll is closed.
Vote Yes for Padmay to be Admin.
3 33.33%
Vote No for Padmay to stay as Op.
6 66.67%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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Padmay for Admin On Beta
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Hi guys!

I just wanted to talk about me being Admin on Beta. I spend alot of time on this server and I'm attached to Minecraft now. I love hanging out with you guys and helping people build and give tips on how to match different types of blocks together. I rank people up when they deserve it and demote when it is needed. I'll try to get on as often as I can to help. I'll help around and try not to bug you guys. You will find I mostly come on around the afternoon or in the morning.

I've been playing on this server for about a year, and I dearly love it. I just love the fact that everyone can get on and enjoy themselves. If you need help you'll find me exploring and helping people. I will ban people who do bad things and also ban people who do heaps of griefing. I will make sure everyone has some fun on this server.

When I can, I'll donate some money for improvement. Smile

Quote: I'll try to get on guests as often as I can to help the builders and people who still build there. I'll give each advanced builder a map and create maps for games.
i thought it was for beta :?

Hall is only admin. and peppy. if you got it im going to rage >.>

I vote si.

I vote option C:
Vote Padmay to be demoted.

Go annoy Lunamon instead.
lol demoted would b nice...

derp. She gets op as a birthday present and she's already going for admin? I don't think anyone should be going for admin at the moment... besides, she's padmay for crying out loud Wink

"When I can, I'll donate some money for improvement." aka never.
edit again... (first edit was that quote >_>) I think this went downhill like last time... 5N 3Y... that sounds like failure to me.

Thread Closed 

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