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Poll: Do we want these quicker and easier tree cutting options?
Yes, gimme them sweet sweet optimisations!
No way man, I like chopping trees, it's calming.
I like the idea of some of those features, but not all of them.
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Petition for TreeAssist Plugin
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What are you trying to change?
Add in the TreeAssist plugin to make cutting down trees less of a complete pain in the buttocks.
(It does say 1.9 but looks like it works on 1.10 just fine)

What will it do for the server/forum?
It can save people from spending their precious time chopping each block of the tree they want to cut down,
and save them waiting for ages until the leaves decay enough to drop enough saplings to re-plant,
and save them having to remember to (and where to) re-plant the saplings after they've finished chopping.

Why should the change be made?
This would alleviate the tedium of resource gathering slightly and allow people to spend more time hooning around shooting things with their guns and building pretty things with their blocks... Y'know, the fun stuff!
And all without any major balance changes except for the amount of time it takes to harvest trees (and it's totally configurable).

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
I'm voting yes on the sole notion that I hope to stop seeing half-chopped, floating tree tops.

I grant you my vote.
This sounds great!

A question, is this one of the ones that would also chop down any adjacent logs? IE: My house is made out of logs, mis-place one only to then cut down half the house in the process?...

I'm fairly certain the plugin knows the difference between naturally occurring and player placed logs. Also, the plugin has been added.


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