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Poll: Should Campiee be unbanned?
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5 71.43%
2 28.57%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Please unban me!
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Dear members of LOM,
My name is Campiee and I got banned because my younger brother griefed on my account! I know I should put this on the unban section but I don't have permission to. Please let me got back on the server I love it. I have changed my account password and will not tell it to my brother. According to the forums I stole lapiz luzi and some pistons. I will replace everything right away if I am unbanned! Please because I love playing it with my friends GanNing andEpicPieFace2011.


Moved it to applications for ya ^^
Also edited the Poll to reflect the guidelines...

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Hi all,
That is the always the case my brother went on my account. I heard it many times.
But that is just my opinion

same, if you dont want to be banned dont tell your password to your brother, if thats even what happened.

yes because he was at my place when that happened and his brother is annoying

EAT PIE! Tongue Tongue

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I was at his place too and campiee's very sad so yes
please help me get the mount

I'm leaning towards believing you because your manner is quite good, both here and on your report. And because people are backing up your story. I think you should be unbanned but be aware that you would be watched like a hawk and you would have to take extra care.
Also guys, as has been said before, dont say your voting yes when you can't vote.

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yeah, we can't vote for some reason, sorry
please help me get the mount

You can't vote because your not distinct members. This is not new.

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Well, Distinct member or higher...

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