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Public Blaze Farm
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Public Blaze Farm

Good evening / Good morning fellow LoM members.
As you may or may not know, Blaze farms are to be built for public use. Upon completing The Blaze grinder It is now open for access. I have the area protected as so that no one can break it. mob killing is still allowed in the area so there'll be no issues there. however in the next section there will be some.


As part of this build I've built a Rail station into the build. Now there's one of two choices of what each leader of a city can do. 1) you can build a rail from your portal to the farm or 2) I can do it but it will cost, I would recommend that you get me to do it because I've already got the materials set up. As I do not have the means to protect the rails or the area all grief that is found will be dealt with accordingly.

[Image: 6z7oyq.png]


[Image: 2roj4nm.png]

As seen in the picture above there is two buttons. one that will open the glass separators and let the mobs in and the second is the crusher button that will seal the mobs in then crush them until they're down to 1 punch till death. I'd advise AGAINST pushing the open button before the crusher has opened.

Finally I do have means to expand and make a storage area for people if they want one made. There's also an enchantment room already made.

Thanks, Purdey

Wow. Good job purd I'll go have a look tomorrow. Also can you post the cords?

Someone give this guy a medal. This looks amazing, PURD3Y!

(10-12-2012, 11:06 AM)DKoda Wrote:  Someone give this guy a medal. This looks amazing, PURD3Y!
*rubs back of head*

thanks D'K

Just to clarify, "griefers will be dealt with accordingly" means:
[Image: 31607914.jpg]

Well built Purd!
Having been online for a fair bit of what you were doing, I'd have to say I'm prouder of your soluting rather than the build itself...
So many obstacles deftly dealt with!
* roberestarkk hi-fives

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]

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