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PvP Comp HC-2
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When: Sunday the 5th of July, 11am (WA), 1pm (NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD), 12:30pm (SA)
Where: Smp

Who: No signup required, just jump online at the time and ask for a tp [Image: smile.gif].
What: 1v1's with basic kit options which I'ma get in a moment.
Prize: Points towards the compathon aswell as some minor smp prize, [Image: tongue.gif]

Here are kit options courtesy of Dengar!

15P Total

--- Armour Sets ---
Leather: 2P
Chain: 4P
Iron: 6P
Diamond: 8P

--- Shields ---
Wooden Buckler: 1P
Leather Square Shield: 2P

--- Swords ---
Iron: 4P
Diamond: 6P

--- Axes ---
Stone: 2P
Iron: 4P
Diamond: 6P

--- Special Weapons ---
Halberd (Iron Axe w/ Charge ability): 5P
Scythe (Iron Hoe w/ AoE strike and speed boost also comes with free Stone Sword): 5P
Rapier (Iron Sword w/ shield breaker stab): 5P
Claymore (Iron Sword w/ heavy hit and block): 6P

--- Ranged ---
Bow + 16 Arrows: 2P
Crossbow + 16 Arrows: 2P
16 Arrows: 1P

--- Food and Stuffs ---
Bandage (4 Heart Heal and temporary damage drop): 1P per 2
Regeneration Potion II: 1P per 2
Hand Grenade (Small Explosion dealing 7.5 hearts damage point blank): 1P per 2
Fire Grenade (Sets Enemy on Fire for a few seconds dealing 1.5 damage): 1P per 3
Smoke Bomb (Blinds and Slows for a few seconds in small radius): 1P per 2
Cooked Pig: 1P per 7
Golden Carrot: 1P per 7

Food is indeed replenished per round.

Sorry folks, just loggin on now!

Annnd cancelled due to lack of participants, Thanks to Ella and Dengar for showin tho!

Any idea when It's gonna start later? There are a lotta peeps on the server right now

Minecraft Name: TheGameCrasher (Call me DS Big Grin )
Expert at redstone and skinning. I also make custom maps when I'm not playing on LoM, one of which has over 39k views.

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