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Questions on Mining
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(This is not a ban appeal)
1. Is there a auto ban system in place on mining to many ores in a certain time frame?
2. I want to try for number 1 miner on this server, currently number one on 7 servers and counting. I am known for the G-Unit hole, and was wondering if i can do it on the server.
Note: The G-Unit hole is a hole from ground level to bedrock with a staircase leading down, this can be anywhere from 10x10 to 100x100. The top of the hole is normally covered by either glass or a pyramid (As this is a faction server i would like to make it into a Faction/Nation).

Post what you think, also mods/admins to answer the questions.
Thank You

There is not an auto-ban set-up. So go wild, Tongue.

What the hell on all the views but only one comment. Why do i have over one thousand views?
People comment if you like!

Likely most of those views are from search engines such as google or bing, and not from forum members. I can guarantee we don't have that many people playing here, much less viewing the forums. We're a small community for sure. Good luck with the mining goal, we have other players who are competitive in mining and other skills.

Thanks Trissemigistus, for sure.
once i am able to make a nation, ill be set to go Smile

If you make it a nation then other people are probably going to want to do some of the mining, which means you don't get to?

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
im kool with that


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