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!!READ ME!! State of the Main Server [05/01/2015]
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Quote: This Topic is intended to contain the most up-to-date information regarding the LoM/AMS (Laws of Minecraft/Australian Minecraft Server) Survival server.
It is intended to be a one-stop repository for any and all information you might need to know as a player.
It will be updated once a month (or thereabouts) unless nothing has changed (NB: I often get bored of updating it and stop... In that case, ask your friendly neighbourhood Admins and/or knowledgeable players for assistance in determining what is now different to that which is stated here).

New players should read it all, regulars probably need only read those titles with an Asterisk (That's this 'star' symbol: * ) designation, as those are the areas that have been changed since last update.

[11/01/2015]: The Server now supports the locking of doors and gates added in the 1.8 update, as a result of this, Lockette has been removed and replaced with Lockette Reviver. All existing locks will still be locked, but if anyone uses the commands to edit signs and fix doors, it's changed to /lr now.
[04/01/2015]: The Chat Logs link on the main site was fixed to show up-to-date logs.
[28/12/2014]: Rule 2 goes back to normal now, but factions still reserve the right to hunt down and brutally murder people who steal from their members.

[Some Time before XMas]: Rule 2 (Regarding Stealing from Unlocked Chests) is temporarily changed to "DO NOT STEAL AT ALL" until after Christmas. This is due to changes to the way Signs work in 1.8 which caused Lockette (the chest locking plugin) to cease protecting properly. - Became Outdated on: 26/12/2014.

[Spoiler=General Information:]
This information pertains to the server in general, rather than any specific aspect of game-play.

IP: '' OR '' OR '' (This goes into the "IP Address" section of the Multiplayer screen In-Game||'' may no-longer work at some stage as it was being phased out last I heard).

Whitelist: The server currently uses these forums as a whitelist. Your "Minecraft Username" option, is read onto the server's whitelist, so make sure you set that. It can be found in:
User CP {near the top left of the page, below the LoM Laboratories symbol, beside "Log Out"}
>Edit Profile {In the menu on the left, subheading "Your Profile"}
>>Minecraft Username {In the white "Required Fields" box, which is located at top left corner of the green boxed section to the right of the menu on the left.}

AFK: Going afk is allowed on the server, you will automatically be set to this after five minutes of doing nothing. Once you are marked as afk, you have 13.33 minutes to return before the server will automatically kick you. This is intended to prevent idling on the server and wasting server resources when you aren't using them.

Help: Getting help is often a daunting task for new players, sometimes the server will be so busy you feel as though you're being overlooked. That's where the '/helpop <message>' command comes in handy. It will alert all Moderators and Administrators currently online to your desire for help, and one will surely answer.

Rules: The basic rules of the server, to be followed at all times, regardless of the circumstances, unless specifically overridden by an Admin.

  1. Grief is permitted in wars. But not "just because".
  2. Stealing is allowed so long as chests aren't locked.
  3. No Spamming or Advertising
  4. Be Respectful and Ethical! Respect your fellow players.
  5. Use Common Sense.
  6. Don't ask for Item Spawns.
  7. Keep swearing to a minimum.
  8. PvP is allowed, but only in wars.
  9. Do not make mob grinders.
Further Explanations/ Interpretations(not additional rules, but referring to existing ones):

  1. Be Respectful and Ethical (to both Admins and your fellow players). For example/such as: no swearing, griefing or anything else that may hamper the ability of others to have fun. This includes the use of Hacks and/or Exploits which do so and conforming to the ethics of society. For example/such as: no racism, no sexism, no -ism's or discrimination of any kind.
  2. Use Common Sense (essentially act maturely). For example/such as: (If you don't know what common sense is and/or don't know how to use it, examples won't help you. Ask your parents.)
  3. War is defined as when Terran Faction leaders and Abaddon Faction leaders have made a formal forum-based declaration of a wartime event. During this event, the factions will be considered 'at war'. At all other times, the factions are to be considered as merely 'unfriendly'.
  4. Mob Grinders are defined as contraptions in which the spawning and killing of mobs is entirely automatic and does not require user interaction. A mob farm is a contraption in which either the spawning, the killing, or both spawning and killing of mobs requires the user to perform the action. These are allowed, however the number of mobs may not exceed that of a passive mob farm (10), and the user's actions must be repetitive and not a one-shot.
  5. While theft is not a bannable offence, it will still cause a certain amount of enmity that will probably lead to your being hunted down and chastised by your victim and/or their faction.

This section covers information regarding player death. Such as how it can happen, what happens afterwards and how to avoid it.

Causes: Causes of death vary wildly. A list of common causes:
  • Killed by Monster: Monsters spawn at night time and will attack the player if they get too close. There are various types of Monsters, each kills in a unique way. I'll not list them here, however you can find more information on the various creatures that populate a Minecraft World here:
  • Suffocation: Happens most often when the top half of the player's character (the head) is trapped inside a block. It ignores your breath bar and simply causes you health damage. There are various ways for this to occur including bugs and traps set by other players.
  • Drowning: Happens whilst underwater(obviously), after your breath bar runs out (all the bubbles pop and disappear) you will start to take health damage. At this point, it is often difficult to resurface due to the knock-back effect associated with health damage.
  • Fire/Lava: Once fire attaches itself to you, it will continue to deal health damage until it puts itself out. It will also partially obscure the player's view. Lava will also burn, however it will cause more health damage in addition to setting the player on fire due to it's hotter nature.
  • Player Attack: Certain items wielded by players (Swords and Bows) can cause harm to other players. The amount of harm depends on the quality of the item and/ or the skill of the player wielding it.
  • Falling: Expect to be dealt health damage when falling from a height greater than 3 blocks. The higher the fall, the more damage you take.
  • Poison: Certain mobs (cave spiders) can also poison you. This will slowly cause you health damage but cannot kill you, it can severely weaken you though, so beware.
  • Cactus: Cacti are spiky, avoid running into them. Touching a cactus block will deal health damage.
Avoiding: Avoiding death is done by addressing each cause individually. Here is a list of precautions:
  • Killed by Monster: Wear Armour, it will take damage instead of your health and can buy you time to kill the monster. Running away is also an option, as is hiding/ placing blocks between you and the monster. Most monsters burn when the sun rises. Spiders and Creepers will continue to hunt you after it rises, but spiders will not do so unless they were already doing so before the sun rose.
  • Suffocation: Avoid player traps, though if glitched into a block, there isn't much you can do. Sometimes jumping or moving toward a block you know is an air block may extract you, but it may not. It may be possible to break the block before you suffocate, though blocks that fall (Gravel and Sand) will offer you no quarter.
  • Drowning: Don't stay underwater too long, and if you do, it is possible to find/ create underwater pockets of air with blocks that have no collisions to the player, but do to water, such as signs, ladders, doors and possibly fences and glasspanes/ironbars.
  • Fire/Lava: Get to water as quickly as possible. Make sure your hunger bar is full, so you regenerate health. Avoid lava until you're sure you can handle it.
  • Player Attack: They are NOT allowed to attack you unless you agree to fight with them, if you so agree, I suggest you look up Minecraft PvP somewhere for tips.
  • Falling: Water can negate some fall damage, the deeper the water, the higher the fall can be taken without damage (2 blocks will typically see you safe, 3 almost definitely so). Ladders and cobwebs can also slow down your fall, though cobwebs cannot be hit at speed, so must be used to slow the fall either the entire way, or only at the beginning of said fall.
  • Poison: Milk can cure poison. A full hunger bar will allow you to regenerate lost hearts.
  • Cactus: Don't run into them.

You Died(what happens next?):
You will see a "Game Over" screen when you die. Contrary to itself, it will allow you to respawn (the top button). This will take you to the spawn point of the MC world. Alternately you can quit to the main menu (the second button).

This is a description of the Rights and Responsibilities of the Various ranks available on the server. As well as a general idea on how to progress through them.
Please note that the "[<letter>]" part is what is shown in-game at the beginning of a username, and that the . in "[B.]" and "[S.]" does not appear in-game, and is simply there to stop the text becoming Bolded and Struck-through respectively.

NB: Rank Hierarchy (bottom to top):
Advanced Builder
   |                  |
Trusted       Elite Builder    (Mostly Equal)(Donators inherit from Trusted but don't really fit into the hierarchy as they get special treatment and are downranked to their previous rank after their Donation period expires)
   |                  |               
   |                 Master Builder     (Higher than Elite, Lower than Mod)

NB: This hierarchy denotes progression only. It does not infer any superiority. Certain ranks have more authority over others, and some have more abilities than others, but none are 'better', only better suited to certain people.

Side Note on Faction Ranks: Within each Faction, there is the possibility of having a Faction rank. This rank is entirely for the purposes of Role Play and carries no weight on the server outside of that circumstance. They are given out by Faction leaders when the leadership feels they are deserved and suitable. They are entirely separate from Server ranks.

[Spoiler=A broad summary from Hallucinative: ]
I tidied up the spelling, but the gist is there ^^ I even left the grammar untouched so people can't argue about subtle unintended changes in the nuances!

Quote:Guests on the server are just that, guests, until they build something and gain some trust they are strangers and although we welcome them they are unknown quantities that require nudging in the right direction and brought up to speed in basic server concepts, such as no pvping without sparring partners permission, building rules on where they can build, basic poaching etiquette such as not killing animals in other peoples pens. Logging etiquette such as not stealing wood from other peoples trees

Builders are trusted and officially part of the community, They have basic rights to the server and generally the main group of casual once a week gamers.

Advanced builders those who spend many hours playing minecraft and know their way around minecraft tools and building techniques such as auto farming, redstone or just very well designed houses.

Donators are the people who help pay for this server! They get commands that are fun but don't unbalance the game too horribly. More plugins to come, currently mob disguise and having lightning strike when they enter the server. If anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear them..

Mods are morally plentiful looking for ways to improve the server, suggesting who might be hacking, mediating potential fights before they get out of hand and just nudging people in right direction, whether they be guest or admin

The admins are meant to be fixing game balance issues, mediating fights that have already gotten out of hand, fixing major grief and keeping the server as a whole running while helping with the mods in their spare time, and occasionally keeping Hall in check when he adds a plugin thats completely unbalances the game XD

Responsibilities: Each rank has certain responsibilities attached, any rank with an asterisk inherits the responsibilities of the previous rank, Here's a list showing the responsibilities of each rank:
  • [G] Guest: Read the rules, Learn how to Fit In with the Community, Survive, Build something neat, Make friends and Have Fun.
  • [M] Member: *, Behave(according to the rules) and Integrate with the community.
  • [B.] Builder: *.
  • [A] Advanced: *, give advice and assistance where necessary to those of lower rank so they can benefit from your experience.
  • [E] Elite Builder: *, 
  • [M] Master Builder: *,
  • [D] Donator: *.
  • [T] Trusted: *, Aid the Mods and Admins in maintaining civilised behaviour in the ranks, be capable of dealing with situations when neither Mod nor Admin is present in a mature and responsible manner.
  • [#] Mod: Strive to maintain the same standard of civilisation we enjoy IRL on the server, Mediate disputes and intercede where necessary, Do not rise to insult or criticism but maintain a calm demeanour, kick those who need to be kicked and only use ban as a last resort, keep an eye on who might be cheating/ disobeying rules.
  • [@] Admin: *, Fix game balance issues, Fix major grief, Administrate the technical aspect of the server. No fun for you guys I'm afraid =(

Promotion is always at the discretion of the Admins, however, There are general prerequisites for each rank that guide the Admins in their choices. Here is a list of those, by rank:
  • [G] Guest: To be promoted to Guest, you need only join the server, you will be automatically ranked to this.
  • [M] Member: Once you have been inducted (participated in the Faction-Choosing and Rule Reading) you will be automatically ranked to this.
  • [B.] Builder: To attain the rank of builder, a Member needs to build something that would warrant recognition.
  • [A] Advanced Builder: To attain the rank of Advanced Builder, a Builder must show they are sufficiently Advanced in their ability to Build and play the game.
  • [E] Elite Builder: To attain the rank of Elite Builder, an Advanced Builder must show great skill in their builds, the more builds, the better.
    [M] Master Builder: To attain the rank of Master Builder, an Elite Builder must show masterful skill in their builds. Jaw-droppingly good.
  • [T] Trusted: To attain the rank of Trusted, the Admins must feel that you can be Trusted with additional administrative responsibilities and authority. This is the start of the Administrative promotion tree.
  • [D] Donator: To attain the rank of Donator, you must donate the server owner (Peppy2006) REAL LIFE MONEY and wait for him to recognise and rank you.
  • [#] Mod: To attain the rank of Mod, the Admins must feel as though you would be a good and capable Moderator. Mod Openings will be posted on the forums. Only Trusted ranks may apply.
  • [@] Admin: To attain the rank of Admin, the Admins must feel as though you would be a good and capable Administrator. These are no applied for, but are decided upon by an admin consensus.

Available Commands:

       Use /help to access a list of commands available at your rank.

Special Ranks:
These ranks cannot be attained by any players other than the one's who already hold them. They are special like that.
  • [Fired] Fired: D_Koda's rank. Same powers as Administrator.
  • [FM] Forum Mascot: Freckless' rank. Same powers as Donator.
  • [S.] Susie: Susieisawesome's rank Same powers as a Donator-Mod.
  • [Owner]Owner: Hallucinative's rank. Same powers as Administrator and a bit more.

The server Economy is mostly being handled by Essentials' Economy Plugin.

Money: The command to view your current wealth is '/money' or '/bal'. Each player begins with $100.

Payment: Paying other players is done with the '/pay' command. The usage is '/pay <player to pay to> <amount to pay>' swapping out the descriptions for actual values of course.

Uses: You can use your money in conjunction with the ChestShop Plugin to buy and sell to and from other players. [Edit: Players can also use the /sell command to sell unwanted items. Usage: '/sell <name of item to sell OR id of item to sell OR "hand"(sells what is currently being held) OR "inventory" (sells from the inventory) OR "blocks" (sells blocks)> [amount]'. You can check the worth of an item with /worth <itemname> and an item amount afterwards. (It will say "stack of <item> worth <whatever it's worth is>" but it really means single items in most cases).

Interest: There is currently no interest given to players. Money is gained by selling items to the server, or other players.

Currently, players are able to teleport (with permission) to other players, as well as to spawn and their home(s). Teleportation currently has a cooldown of five minutes before you can do it again. The cooldown is meant to reduce lag by reducing the frequency with which the server needs to send data to players who have teleported somewhere they don't already have loaded.

Player Teleportation:
Players can teleport to other players using the command '/tpa <player's username they wish to teleport to>'. It does not currently cost any money to use and requires the player being the destination to accept the request. The teleportation itself will occur if the player who issued the command does not move after the teleport is accepted. Players can also request another player to teleport to them. This is done with the command '/tpahere <player they wish to teleport to them>'. Again, this does not require money, only the acceptance of the targeted player. Again, it will occur a short while after the request has been accepted without the player moving.

Spawn Teleportation: Players can teleport to the server's Spawn point using the command '/spawn'. This has no cost in either money or time.

Home Teleportation: Players can teleport to their home with the command '/home'. Players are allowed a number of homes based on their rank. Again, no cost in either money or time. Players are able to set their homes to their current location via the '/sethome' command. /sethome is instant. A name for the home can be provided after /sethome and will be required to be specified if you set more than one home when trying to use /home.

[Spoiler=Locking Doors and Chests: ]
This section details features and instructions in use of the plugin "Lockette". This plugin allows players to secure their chests and doors against other players, as well as offer some neat little bonuses.

Private Doors: A player is able to 'lock' their door to only open to themselves, and/ or others they specify. This is done with a sign on the block above the top block of the door.
The contents of the sign are as follows(by line number) and should appear exactly as written except where denoted by the '<' and '>' symbols, which indicate a description of what should be written:
  1. [Private]
  2. <The owner's username appears here, if left blank it will auto-fill the username of the person who wrote it when the sign is completed>
  3. <Any other username can go here and they will be able to open the door, but not add new people to the 'allowed users', it can also be left blank. Another neat feature that can be included here, or the line below, is the Timer feature. This appears as '[Timer:#]' where the '#' symbol is the number of seconds before the door closes again after it is opened.>
  4. <Same as above>
Players are also able to place another sign on this same block to allow more users, this second sign MUST have the first line as '[More Users]' else it will not add the users to the door. The '[Everyone]' tag can be used to allow everyone access, but not ownership, this tag can be used anywhere there could be a username that is not the owner.
Doors can be fixed by using the '/lockette fix' command. This will reset them to the state they were in when the sign was placed. Usually this is closed.

Private Chests: Players can right click a chest with a sign to 'claim' it as their own. The sign will auto-fill with the word '[Private]' and their username. It can be edited by right-clicking it and using the command '/lockette <the number of the line you desire to edit> <the text you wish to appear on the line>'. The same '[Everyone]' tag can also be used on chests, and if a second sign is right clicked onto the chest, it will appear on this by default. Chests have no need for the '[Timer:#]' function.

[Spoiler=Miscellaneous Plugin Info:]
This is a somewhat alphabetically ordered summary of the various other plugins installed on the server. This is only a cursory explanation, and some are left out. The complete list can be viewed with '/plugins' or '/pl' when in-game.

TheThuum: Allows certain players with appropriate permissions to utilise Dragon Shouts or Thuum from TESV: Skyrim.

GroupManager: Manages Groups.

WorldEdit: Edits the world, requires high rank and maturity to wield due to being extremely dangerous as well as handy.

Lockette: See the Locking Doors and Chests section.

TuxBot: "Creates a dynamic social networking graph of the chatter on the server" Shows relationships by drawing lines between players who are talking to each other, the graph can be viewed from: (It appears to be installed but broken).

MoveCraft: A plugin that allows the in-game movement of blocks as though they were vehicles... Only operates on the cardinal directions and is extremely jerky, but oddly fun. Requires a high rank to use due to the lag-inducing potential. (Edit: This plugin has apparently been re-written to be kinder to servers, but it is still mostly inaccessible to regular players).

WorldGuard: Stops players doing stupid things. Disables creeper block damage and such.

CoreProtect: A log block plugin to check grief and to rollback grief. Inspection can be done by Trusted+, actual rolling back must be done by Mod+.

mcMMO: A complex skills based MMO emulation plugin. Allows players to increase their skill levels in various activities as they do them for various rewards. See the MCMMO Wiki for further information.

Brewery: Allows players to brew their own liquid drink thingies... Mostly alcoholic. Great fun plugin which applies drunken-ness to players that drink alcohol and mucks about with them to imitate drunken behaviour.

[Spoiler=Author's Notes:]
These are here merely to make allowances and admissions for/ of personal opinion and the prescence of bias in the post.

Disclaimer: This is an OFFICIAL-ISH post, however, all opinions depicted within this post are solely the views of myself (roberestarkk) and do not necessarly represent the opinions of any others including the Administrative staff, the Owner or any other player. In addition, any suppositions or assumptions made are solely the product of my PERSONAL observations are not to be construed in any way as anything other than conjecture. A supposition or assumption will usually be prefixed by the phrase "I suppose: " or "I assume: ". Anything written as though it is factual, such as "You are not allowed to ask Administrators for items" can be considered as a fact.

Frank appraisal of The Author's Failings: This Topic was intended to be helpful and informative. Due to my highly agitated and tired state however, I may have let my self control slip a little and allow personal bias to cloud the information presented within.

For the Attention of the Other Admins: I ask that any of you who are capable of doing so, review and edit my work in any way they see fit for the benefit of the Community at large, and to assist where possible with the maintaining of the post and the information it imparts.

In Parting: I hope you found my post informative and helpful, stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available and be sure to check back every update for the latest news!
P.S. Sorry about the colours =P

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It is pretty hard to read when you said Teleportation... Because of the color... See xD? Also thank you for writing this massiveee post!

Frankly, no... I think yellow contrasts well with black... certainly better than this horrible colour! YUCK! Don't you agree?
P.S. You're not Australian are you?

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This thread is quite informative... and as such I am sticky-ing it.

I know why i cant read it now, i have the old forum skin on... i cant stand the new black one.. lol

You should add something about the ranks and chain of command.

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You spelt 'gimmick' wrong

[Image: dreadofmondayssmall.png]
2:19:20 PM: T_Nigs Wrote:use common sense
In the rules you forgot to mention no hacking (speed hacks, fly hacks, ect)

Aside from that, it's good.

Rob u also spelt right wrong, you spelt rick instead.
and if a second sign is rick clicked onto the chest,

Well now that I've slept, I'll be going over my sleep-deprived ramblings and making it look better ^^
Thank you for your helpful suggestion jak, it's a great idea!
I only really included the rules in '/rules' but I'll be sure to include that one as well Galener! Thanks for that.
And I'll fix those spelling errors asap dread/ dengar, if they haven't been already ^^

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