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Poll: Do you want a new faction system, in whatever shape, to be installed in the Minecraft server again?
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1 33.33%
No, I don't want any faction or state system in any shape.
2 66.67%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Re-instating some kind of faction system?
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What are you trying to change?
I want to somehow re-instate the faction system we used to have without it crushing our gaming community again. THerefore I think that it is necessary to give stricter criteria for factions to rather work as states.
IRL it is the Montevideo Convention that states what a state needs to exist:
"The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: a ) a permanent population; b ) a defined territory; c ) government; and d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states."
So that is what we need: All states should have some kind of population, they shall have a designated territory (that is to be shown in a forum post as dynmap image as well as to be marked ingame). A new faction shall have a catalogue of rules that concern the political system of that state and behavioral rules for state citizens and visitors.
I also want to quote the faction definition of the COLOS again:
"(1) - A nation is defined as a sovereign country or faction having officially claimed land and being recognised by the Administration by having
- coloured names for members
- a shortname for Lockette
- at least one member"
Perhaps what would also make sense is a limit in numbers of factions... perhaps let only Mods/Admins make factions?
That is however concern of a later petition, if this one is passed. For now I just want to know wether you want some kind of faction or country system again in whatever shape or if you just want pure cooperative SMP.

What will it do for the server/forum?
The faction system will drastically add up to to roleplay. It has always brought us fun, excitement and stuff to do. It will encourage cooperation in smaller groups of players as well as transnational trade and exchange. The faction system also adds a lot of motivation for awesome builds and immense productivity of our members.

Why should the change be made?
Since I first joined, the faction system was probably what I liked most. It let me carry responsibilities in faction positions and taught me a lot about diplomacy and international law. I am aware that with low numbers of members it caused some troubles but instead of cancelling it entirely I would like try and fix it instead. THe factions were one of the most enoyable things I experienced since I first joined.


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Vaccinations save lives.
Here's my input on the suggestion. No, at least as far as structured 'factions' go.

In my opinion, the factions played a large part in killing the server population last time. They pulled everyone apart and turned players against one another. As an alternative, i would suggest throwing the idea of factions out the window, and replace them with towns or settlements. This way, i hope to remove the shadow of hostility between the groups of players. My mentality is that we're an SMP server, not a PvP Factions server. We should be working together, not against each other.

A town/settlement would need to have defined land borders, a permanent population of 3-4 members or greater, and a leader of some sort that can speak for the other members. I'm not entirely sure about restricting the leadership of a group to a mod/admin. Normally i would consider it, but since we don't have much of a staff team at the moment, i would be open to allowing everyone the opportunity given that they meet the requirements.

Once established, i can give each town/settlement their own sub-group for lockette and perhaps their own name color. I would also need to work with someone to maintain a map displaying all current land borders. Land claims would also have to be limited depending on the population of a settlement.

Essentially back to the way we had it a few years ago?

I think that probably suits the gaming climate we have nowadays much better. We could never really muster enough people online at one time to make the faction system work as we hoped it would anyway.

(08-03-2016, 09:57 AM)cwpaus Wrote:  Essentially back to the way we had it a few years ago?

I think that probably suits the gaming climate we have nowadays much better. We could never really muster enough people online at one time to make the faction system work as we hoped it would anyway.

My train of thought exactly. 

Yeah honestly I didn't like factions and I think thats why people just don't like playing on the server after a while.

I think people generally like it better when we're all on the same page of friendliness towards one another. Not much structure outside of "these people live here and those people there" like with where Ejano, cwp, Peppy and a few others live. There's no leadership in the area, which in this instance comes out as a bit of a good thing. They're all friendly towards one another and help or play together when they can and it makes for a fun environment.

Then there's almost the same thing out where I live in my mountain. Fire lives nearby me and we help eachother. I believe Ridingmaster just came in nearby as well. I like this and I think alot of other people do, too. It's a just a fun easy-going community now.


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