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Poll: Do you want roleplay? Event team? Build team?
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Yes, I want all of this
2 66.67%
No, I dislike this (please give you're feedback)
0 0%
I don't like all of them (post below)
0 0%
Other (post below)
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I just want the roleplay
1 33.33%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Roleplay, Event-Team and Build-Team
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Event team and Builder team and rp ideas

((I had difficulty applying this to the format, I hope it ok!))

Now, as a start. Yes I know I know... I haven't been on too-too often.
Well yes, indeed, as some may be going through as well, I've been having lots of exams with a crapload of studying, but I've also been going on an rp server (which I shan't name) which gave me some ideas.

Firstly. As you can see in the title: What is Event team?
Simple, one or many people are Event members, E.M. And they're job, is to create events! But before I go farther, I'll get you on my rp ideas.

Now, I've seen what seems to be mildly rp on this wonderful server (sometimes filled with memes but still rp). But it's also been difficult to see the rp from the normal playing. Firstly, before beginning rp that could lead into anything a bit unfriendly ex: serious rp. Any that are involved must be asked if they desire to do the rp, were here to have fun! Any normal casual rp can be started with the "'s, ex: "Oh, hello, could I know what is your name?"
"Oh, meh name? Ah! A' see! A'm called Jentos Blackwood over 'ere." This is what I mean. Which could lead into many things such as a good drink and role play chat between two players!
This could actually cause good rp in towns and settlements between players, especially with the /me command ex: /me draws his blade, drops of sweat going down his head as he slowly enters the dark cave

At any time, during rp, someone can ask for the rp to stop. Perhaps it was simply getting too much for him? I do not care, this is for fun, not for bad and serious things.

Now that I've told you this, Event team!
They are suppose to make events!
Here are a few examples: The mighty Peppy (or any E.M, though peppy does what he wants) stood on his throne, looking at the newer player "Well, young'ne, thy has came for the quest?" and in which the player would nod in agreement. And in which peppy would give a quest "A were wolf haunts these lands for too long! Slay it and be rewarded!" So yeah, you can see where this leads. So, the E.M would then quickly put on a werewolf skin, and wander around the area with a bunch of buffs, (he would also have renamed items with a description on them like werewolf fur, E.M or G.M signed)
The player would find the werewolf, and fight it, if he kills it, he would get the loot! If he fails, the E.M can decide if he can get another chance (or whatever they want)
I use to do all kinds of things like this in Acornboy's server (which is broken, forever) I had a blast with all the rest of the players, made this huge lich event where I was making this wizard battle of me against the lich with a fuckload of commands on the top of its tower (Made it myself, I've became an extraordinary builder, rly)

Builder Team, now, this can be one or multiple players.
They well, it's simple, are builders, decorators and all that. They can help players in building what they want, change biomes completely so they can be completely transformed into beautiful things! Either for an event, or simply the area of a town for its look! They can also aid players or town leaders build they're town. They would be op'ed or simply have fly and ask gm's for the needed materials.

Remember guys, this isn't to just transform this server into a role play server. Just to add roleplay and fun!

I'm gonna beat da mcshit outta u Trump
This sound great, more events, more amazing builds, this could turn out great.
But i can also see the conflict in giving access to build (I figure you're talking about some sort of creative here?)
Since people apparently likes to cheat or use their "power" to their advantage.


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