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Rules of the Server [1.13]
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Hiya! Welcome to Stoneburner Gaming!

If you’re reading this, it means you can read. Excellent work so far!

General Rules:

These rules apply to all players, at all times, unless overruled by a staff member doing things and saying stuff

1. Do not touch or interact with anything that does not belong to you, without express permission from the owner of said anything. This goes for farms, animals, buildings, items and feelings. 

2. Do not harm each other in any way, unless consent is given. This includes stuff that does no damage, like snow balls, eggs etc.

3. Do not use any client-side modifications that give you an unfair advantage over others. This includes, but is not limited to; xray mods/resource packs, scripting through software or hardware implementations, client side mods (fly,wallclimbing,autoclickers etc.). 

The following client side modifications are allowed: 

Resource packs that provide an alternative visual aesthetic (AKA your normal resource pack, so no xray or pvp related resource packs, everything else is fine)

Mini-Map mods that add a compass/map/waypoints. If your mini-map mod allows a mob radar, please disable it or find an alternative mod. 

Shaders or any other modification that makes the game more pretty, so long as it follows the guidelines set for resource packs.

4. Bypassing the AFK filter will result in a retaliation of a staff members choice. This may be a kick, a horde of zombies, a rigged TNT trap etc. This rule is in place to protect the integrity of legitimately farmed resources, fairly earned service tokens, and a level playing field for challenges and events. 

5. All players must have  land claims assessed and approved by a trusted member or above. Land claims must be reasonably within your means (300x300 area for house/farm/general building area. One player cannot claim an entire continent without first showing they plan to use the size (Like building a castle or a giant pixel art portrait of a cat)

One final rule of note: Don’t be a dick. Thanks, and have fun!


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