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Rules of the Server [1.13]
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/warp iagree
Hiya! Welcome to Stoneburner Gaming!

If you’re reading this, it means you can read. Excellent work so far!

Our server is a Factions based Survival server, but probably not the kind you’ve played on before. We don’t have command claims, you can’t start your own faction (Unless you’re very good at overthrowing a government), and you can’t just spam click your way through 17 people and take their diamonds.

 So throw away all your previous notions on Minecraft Factions, and put your learning hat on.

Here's how it works.
When you join the server for the first time, you will need to go look at the small but pretty aquarium we built, and enter the secret command to get into the real spawn (The command is hidded somewhere in these rules, so be sure not to TL;DR your way through.
Once you enter the real spawn, you may inspect the faction recruitment areas and join the one you like most, or remain a Neutral player.  
Neutral players cannot be interfered with, and will play on the server the way you would play normal survival. Neutral players will not have access to any of the factions features, equipment, gear or rewards. Safe, predictable, and boring.

If you decide to join a faction, you will be take to that factions starting area.
This is where the fun begins.

When joining a faction, you will be given that faction's rank, prefix, scoreboard team, and warped to that faction’s Capital.  The leaders of that faction will be notified that you have joined. They will then have to get off their ass and walk you through their deal, as well as providing you with any faction specific information and equipment.

Faction members are put at extra risk gameplay wise, but are rewarded in kind. Players that belong to a faction will receive 1 service token per hour of playtime, which can be redeemed in a server-wide store for generic rewards (Good ones tho). Additionally, faction leaders can exchange them at their discretion for faction specific rewards and gear. Faction leaders are also able to reward and punish faction members by altering their service token balance. Neutral players get nothing.
There are three sets of rules for the server. Which set of rules you follow will depend on what kind of player you are interacting with.

Staff have final say. If a staff punishes you outside these rules, they were probably justified in doing so. If you believe otherwise, contact management.

Neutral player rules:

These rules apply if YOU are a neutral player, or you are interacting with a Neutral player.

1. Do not touch anything. No chests, no doors, no bed, no sheep, no dirt blocks. (Without direct permission from the relevant player)

2. Do not harm each other in any way, unless consent is given. This includes stuff that does no damage, like snow balls, eggs etc.
3. Do not give a Neutral player any non-vanilla items, in trades/gifts or otherwise. Any Neutral players found with non-vanilla item that don’t have proof of permission from a staff member will have the items confiscated and a slap on the wrist for the trouble.

4. Neutral players must have all land claims assessed and approved by a trusted member or above. Land claims must be reasonably within your means (300x300 area for house/farm/general building area. One player cannot claim an entire continent without first showing they plan to use the size (Like building a castle or a giant pixel art portrait of a cat)
5. As a Neutral player, if you enter a faction claimed area, you are subject to that faction’s laws and regulations. Stay outside faction claimed land to avoid this. Each faction will have different laws, so tread with care.

6. In all other instances, treat Neutral players with respect. They most likely just want to play Minecraft. They are not a lesser citizen, they simply want to play survival. Leave it at that.
Faction member rules:

1.       El' Killerino

Opposing faction members, outside claimed land, can declare PvP on one another. The provoking player will need to announce it in chat, and wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, you have an additional 60 seconds to kill the other player. Since keepInventory is most likely going to stay on, there's not much reason to kill another player aside from being a dick, but you do you.
There is a 1 week real time cooldown between declared PVP. Meaning you can only try and do this once a week. Obvious exceptions to this rule include warfare in a predetermined battleground, when raiding, or where PvP is between consenting parties.

2.       Raiding
You can raid a factions capital. There are hella rules on this one though. Before starting the raid, 2 members of the faction being raided must be on the server and not afk. You must announce it on the #minecraft channel and @ping the role of the faction you are about to raid. Something like 'Avast @Nautilus ye scurvy dogs. Me and the lads are about to take yer' shit'. Then wait 15 minutes from the time of posting.
You may not grief to get in, you may not break any solid blocks. An example of a block you are welcome to break is stuff like glass panes, glass blocks, plants, flowers etc.
You may also place utility blocks like ladders, vines and signs, but no solid blocks. Water and lava are a no go.
Lockette is not on the server for this map, so any chests you can get into (without breaking the above rules. No tunnelling into people’s houses to take their belongings), take what you want (ONLY DURING A RAID); You have 10 minutes to complete a raid, and you must start it within a reasonable distance outside the main area of a factions capital. Don’t just stand inside of someone's house and then attempt to raid them.
Faction members are able to kill an opposing faction member if that person is trespassing inside your capital, so that goes for outside raid times as well. It's at the discretion of the faction leader to determine what is and isn't trespassing.
At the end of a raid, participating members must put all looted items into a chest, and post a picture of the chest to discord showing what they stole, and if possible, who they stole it from.
There is a 2 week cooldown between raiding attempts, and there will also be a 2 month grace period at the start of the map before any raiding can be done.

3.       Taxes

The leader of your faction may impose taxes on faction members in order to fund faction ventures, construction and to cover damages from raids. Faction leaders cannot take items from you by force, but are able to subtract service tokens from you (can even put you into a negative balance) if you do not comply with their taxing policies.
4.       Faction Rewards
At the end of each month, the administration will bring in a third party to assess the progress and overall condition of each faction, and determine which faction has progressed the most in that month.
This progress may include factors such as active population, active expansion, total resources etc.
The winning faction at the end of each month will be given a faction-wide reward.
The warp to get out of the starting area is greyed out on the top of this post, please highlight the area with your mouse to find it.
TBD Rules:

TBD is a shadow organization that can be contacted for various services by faction members. They are outside the jurisdiction of the above faction rules, and any TBD rules supersede faction rules.

1.       Requested services must be approved by your faction leader, and be accepted by TBD.
2.       Any actions carried out by TBD members are not questionable. Accept the consequences and move on.
3.       If you think you recognize a player acting on the behalf of TBD, do not act upon your suspicions. All members of TBD are exempt from any consequences, as stated in rule 2.
One final rule of note: Don’t be a dick. Thanks, and have fun!


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