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Submitting the town of Saburra for approval.

Members: Trisemigistus, Firefighter0701, Ridingmaster, Tokawoka

Shortname: Sab

[Image: city_boundary.png]

Representativ: Trisemigistus

Both Fire and Myself have houses, farms, mines, and Toka and Riding should have their own homes soon if not already.


As agreed on with Trise, this is now Saburra's official banner:

Also Saburra Fire Department has now an official banner:


To whom it may concern

WHEREAS the territory of the city of Saburra is owned and administrated by multiple citizens, and
WHEREAS to comply to server rules, area claims must be publicly announced and whereby relevant permission has been aquired from our elected representative

NOW KNOW YE that the territory of the city of Saburra shall from now be departed into five districts, those being assigned the definitions of the CENTRAL, FIRST, SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH District, and that those districts shall be allocated to usage by citizens of Saburra, wherefrom the CENTRAL district shall be excempted and instead be used for the welfare of the entire city and its citizens, and that those districts shall be defined by the attached map.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I, Firefighter0701, Fire Chief, Sheriff and supreme executive officer of the City of Saburra have caused these letters to be made patent and the seal of the City of Saburra to be affixed hereunto, given under my hand at the CITY OF SABURRA the EIGHTH of APRIL TWO-THOUSAND-SIXTEEN.

[Coming soon: The seal of the City of Saburra]

[Image: Uxj2xaU.png]


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Although it may not entirely be required, I give my approval of this as elected town spokesman. I would also like to clarify the First District is off-limits for building or removing of any blocks, thought visitors are welcome.

Saburra is officially disbanded as a town. Thread locked.

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