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Save Our Server! (SOS)
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I played cube world some time ago, I was really excited for it but it became abundantly clear they didn't really care about finishing it. It was awesome fun though, but a little short lived considering it's mostly unfinished.

Also unfortunately I found server connections, even small ones just using hamachi between me and my brother led to horrible instability. I don't know if that's just me but I found the multiplayer really intensive on the hardware.

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not sure about wurm but would give the sky island (not sure if modded) a go

Well if we're talking about minecraft, I think we should something completely different. That stuff with quests and castles in the map does make me think we should have a full on mmorpg style map (like wynncraft) or maybe a prison or something like that.

I've always hated prison maps.

Anyhoo! Here are some more games as possible alternatives to Minecraft/Wurm:

Games we can host a server for (probably) Which is the one I want to play the absolute most, but not until it has the features it promises, because atm it's pretty much just MC This one looks pretty great actually, it's actually got heaps of features and looks like awesome fun, but I'm not sure how broad any single server could be... It might be a case of all the cool footage being from different customised servers and any single server is incapable of the total level of functionality. Looks interesting, like a prettier version of StarMade almost... I actually have this game and it's decent fun, but I played it ages ago when there was not all that much functionality, so I like to think it's gotten even better! Unturned is a brilliant game, and even though Cup thinks the graphics are terrible, the actual game is great fun! ? (Particularly with Steam Workshop integration meaning the game can almost be as epic as modded MC, without actually requiring players to know anything about modding) Project Zomboid, not sure how good this would be as a server... It could be neat, or it could be terrible... I've not looked into it in ages, but from what I remember it had potential...

STARBOUND/Terraria, are also games that MIGHT work, but I really dunno... Terraria would work for like 5-6 people working really well together, and Starbound obviously would be much more easily scalable to loads of people, but I'm not sure how successful a server would be... The games are similar to MC in their lack of non-emergent content... Interstellar Rift looks like absolutely amazing fun (again in space, not Zombies) but I'm not sure how well developed the game is at this stage, it might even be like MC Alpha was... But so pretty!

ARK That dinosaur game also looks interesting, but I think it might be a tad too hardcore for me personally, so I'd definitely prefer a nice clean co-operatively spirited server if I were to play around with that... But taming/fighting dinosaurs and building bases sounds like decent fun. Grav looks pretty entertaining also, gotta love space sandboxes! Life is Feudal, also hella grindy, and no PvE AFAIK, but somewhat interesting. Savage Lands, looks like an interesting concept, building, scavenging, fighting... With friends ?


Games we can't host a server for, but which might still work... The repopulation, an MMO, but in the SWG vein, which is super-awesome!

Ascent - The Space Game, while admittedly an MMO, is the kind of MMO where we could carve out our own section and not really have to deal with anyone else... And the functionalities look pretty great!

Alternative to the idea of hosting a local server for a game, we could do the thing where we just become a community and play on a variety of MMO's and random sub-groups of people on P2P games and whatnot... But I'm not sure we're big enough for that sort of thing to work...

OR we could even just go 100% modded MC, there are some pretty interesting packs out there, but I dunno if that'd appeal to enough people either :/

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I very much enjoy unturned and I currently have Grav on my wishlist, I did have to re-visit the store page to remind myself why, but I have looked at it as being an interesting prospect before so I'd be willing to give it a try.
Also it's been a long time and my memory might be foggy but the ancient Dreadofmondays got me hooked on a game called "TrackMania" once, which was a driving game based around posting best lap times, both personal best and track records, which lent itself to hosted servers with admins who could run competitions and allowed for hundreds of community created maps to be installed and queued for use. Anyone play that still?

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[Image: 2rgyiye.jpg] [Image: n2gznk.jpg] [Image: 2nqsmqp.jpg]
I like the idea of a game that has multiple planets to mess with... Grav looks good, as well as Interstellar Rift... Because space intrigues me.

Though I am curious how each one plays, like... Does Interstellar have planets?
And does Grav have space?

Answered my own questions. Tongue

Personally, I feel like Grav is a winner. If anyone else agrees, or disagrees, chime in. lol

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not a disagreement just noticing the reviews on steam
most are good but alot (even the good ones) say it is heavily grindy
for stuff :/

(02-11-2015, 02:38 PM)BOOMSNIPER Wrote:  not a disagreement just noticing the reviews on steam
most are good but a lot (even the good ones) say it is heavily grindy
for stuff :/
S'pose it's entirely dependent on what server hosts can change really. Seems a decent game but I'd personally wait for others opinions on the game before I look into acquiring it.

I would still recommend just having the steam group working as a gaming community. Also, most of the games you are recommending are on steam, so instead of focusing on one game we should focus on most games. This would provide a better experience for everyone, as some people might not be able to get the specified game, and we can have announcements of various events on a certain game, such as, a dayz map.
Just putting it out there.
please help me get the mount


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