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Server Moderation Protocols
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This thread is a reference for staff, but i'm making it public so that members can assess if a punishment is fair and within the set guidelines. 

Offence: Griefing
Less than 3 blocks: If accidental, a warning and a replacement of griefed blocks. If on purpose, 1 day ban, no appeal.
More than 3 blocks, less than 20, first offence: 3 day ban, no appeal
More than 3 blocks, less than 20, second offence: 7 day ban, 3 day wait before appeal
More than 3 blocks, less than 20, third offense: Permanent ban, 1 month wait before appeal.

Offense: Stealing
From chests: 1 day ban and return items. 
From dropped inventory (i.e. player death): Stern warning and return of items.
Other circumstances: Punishment at staff discretion.
Killing animals: 8 hours per animal slaughtered (you monster).

Offense: Killing or attacking players
Attacking more than once against the same player: Kicked from the server or temporary ban at staff discretion.
Killing a fellow player without consent: 1 day ban, increases by 3 days per ban. (1, 4, 7 etc.)

Offence: Use of modded or 'hack' clients
Permanent ban regardless of mod variety, with no wait on appeal. If you wish to use a client mod, make a request in the petitions section of the forum to have it approved. 

Offence: Player abuse or general nastiness
At the discretion of staff. Punishments for repeated abuse may include permanent mutes or temporary bans. 

Offence: Repeated or severe use of offensive language
At the discretion of staff. Punishments for repeated or severe offensive language may include permanent mutes or temporary bans.

If a staff punishes you outside these guidelines, they are not automatically wrong. Post an appeal in the reports forum and wait for an admin to review your case. 


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