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Server Rank Heirarchy
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Current ranks for the minecraft server and the criteria for promotion are as follows:

Newbie: Your first rank on the server. You have all necessary permissions for an entry level user. 

MemberAcquired once you have created a forum account, join the discord server, own a live-able home on the server and have played for at least one week.*

Trusted: Acquired once you have played for at least three months, have 50 forum posts, and are recognized by a member of staff as a trusted and responsible member of the community.  If you have been punished for rule breaking leading up to or once you have attained this rank, you will have your progress reset. Meaning you will need to behave and vindicate yourself over a three month period.

Moderator: Acquired by applying through the applications section of the forums. You must hold the trusted rank to apply for a moderator position..

Admin: No

If you fulfill the criteria for a rank up to trusted, contact a member of staff and we will determine if you are ready for promotion.

Updated to reflect current requirements

hey why do u have to post 50 things on the forums? just wondering


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